This Man Was Completely Stunned When He Discovered Something In His Backyard


Hoping to make some changes and alterations to his house, a new homeowner came across something in his backyard when looking to build an extension. Stumbling across this unexpected discovery left him wanting to find out more.


X Marks The Spot

It was not the easiest task, and the new homeowner had to wrack his brains to figure out how he could find out more. With too much digging for one man alone, he hired a metal detector expert to search his backyard for answers. The expert was called in to find signs and signals, and after going over a specific area several times, he was confident in one area, where he marked two Xs. This allowed him to predict the measurements of what was mysteriously hidden.


Was It Buried Treasure?

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to moving into a new home, at least in this case. While the man must have been excited to have his new home, he was left in complete anticipation to what was hidden beneath the grass in his backyard. Only time would tell, but this left plenty of time to guess. Remaining patient in leaving it to the experts to dig it up, the man was eagerly left waiting to see the discovery.



The man had to wait for the experts to dig up the grass, but he became increasingly more agitated that he could not get to the mysterious object. After all, it could have been hidden treasure hiding in his very backyard, so in his time of trying to be patient and wait, he grabbed a shovel and started digging himself. Hoping to get to the bottom of what it was, he happened to hit an edge of metal while digging. He could still not make out the object.


Going Deeper

Hitting the surface of the object just made the man want to find out more, and he continued to dig deeper. While digging can become a grueling activity, especially when at it alone, the anticipation to find out more kept his adrenaline going. As he got further down the hole, he was able to discover that the metal object was actually a lid. This posed a new question – what is it that was underneath this lid? It weighed a ton, and the man could only now dig around the sides.


What Lies Beneath

This was probably the last thing the man expected to be doing when moving into his new home, but it was hard to focus on anything else knowing something special could be hiding just steps away. The man managed to remove the lid of the metal object, although this took time since it was extremely heavy. Rather, bit by bit the lid would loosen up and the man was that bit closer to seeing the results of all his hard work.


Lifting The Lid

Once successful in lifting the lid of the object fully, the man turned his focus to looking for signs and objects which would help determine exactly what it was. Much to his amazement, it was much bigger than he originally expected, and it turned out to be some sort of small construction. This led to a confusing turn of events since it looked as if there were stairs and some blades. Not planning on giving up just yet, the man continued to look for more signs.


Going In

With all the anticipation of figuring out exactly what it was, the man wanted to jump straight in. However, there were some things stopping him, including a huge amount of dirt and soil right around the opening. The next step was for the man to clean more of the dirt off before venturing any further. Once he completely cleared the surrounding areas, the man was hopeful to crawl inside and get his answers. This became a new task for the man, and he was fully committed to it.


Pandora’s Box

The man completed the next step and managed to remove the majority of dirt which would allow him to finally climb inside. Although this looked as though it was now safer to go inside, there really was no telling how stable the construction was, nor how safe this task at hand would deem to be. The man would risk being trapped inside should the box collapse at any point. However, he still was not giving up and, step by step, he descended down the unknown staircase.


Secret Stairway

Managing to reach inside safely, the man discovered some blueprints. They showed the dimensions and structure of this construction and, having looked around him, the man concluded that this must have once been a bomb shelter. To the man’s description, the bunker looked as if it had been created for some form of apocalypse or world war by former tenants of the home. Regardless, this was something special and it was not something that was made without any thought.


Tunnel Of Terror

The blueprints may have given some form of outline to the construction, but they were not completely accurate. Along with the stairs, there was a deeper tunnel which led to something more! The man, of course, never expected this and it was much bigger than ever anticipated. What was obvious, meanwhile, was that no one had been down there or touched it in a very long time. Rather, the tunnel held a very eerie nature and was not the warmest of places to visit alone.


Incredible Discovery

The interior may have made the shelter look dated, but the mechanics and construction suggested otherwise. The shelter had a state-of-the-art opening hatch, as well as, an electric fan and a hand-crank fan. It was clear to see that whoever made this shelter put a lot of effort into it since the owner probably expected to be spending a lot of time down there. The man was left dumbfounded at what he had now discovered to be in his backyard.


Out With The Old

This discovery was not to just be left now that the big reveal had been made. Rather, the man decided to get straight to work on it and began removing the excess rubble from the shelter and the staircase. After all, he needed to ensure it was safe to get up and down. However, this required a lot of work but would all be worth it in the end, considering all the space he had to work with and the possibilities of what he could use it for.


A Job Well Done

The entire structure needed work done to it before it could be renovated into anything, and this meant starting with cleaning up the debris and rubble. The man placed this in buckets to take to the trash which, when completed, would give the man a better idea of what he could use the space for. This was a step by step process, and the man would never go overboard with his plans until completing what had to be done next.


Grueling Labor

Having dedicated hours upon hours to the task at hand, the man was finally able to clear all the excess rubble from the bunker and clear the staircase. It was now time to determine what the next step would be, but it was clear how much work he had done and the huge difference his hard work had made. Having started the project, the man knew he could do things should he put his mind to it, and this was definitely a project he was determined in completing.


Stairway To What?

All this hard labor proved to be too much for one person alone, and it was time for the man to call in for some extra pair of hands. He called his friends and explained what he had stumbled across but how he now needed their help. The friends were eager to see it for themselves, feeling shocked upon hearing of the discovery, and rushed over. With the extra help, the project at hand would be much smoother since the durability of the structure was still unknown.


With a Little Help From My Friends

The team worked together in making a plan and knew that safety was the most important factor when it came to working on the structure. They, therefore, evacuated the entrance and then reinforced it. They then proceeded to rebuild the shelter’s entrance, working on it until it was safe enough to go in and out. They started by pouring a fresh batch of concrete to smooth over the walls, and this was just the beginning of what was to come.


Years Of Neglect

The site had clearly been neglected for a while now, but there was no telling how long exactly. It was clear to the men that there was a lot of work to be done and they were all eager to get on with the task at hand. Having started the project, they were all optimistic on making this shelter into something. The work would take time, and the men had to be patient, but it was certainly helpful that they had each other.


The Boys Are Back In Town

The men continued digging and worked away hoping to follow their plans of what needed to be done. Working on the entrance proved to be the most difficult task since it was critical that this was sturdy enough for people to walk in and out. Once they mastered this, they knew they could move on to the next plan. Focusing on the entrance would also allow future generations to get a look at this discovery, and it would no longer remain a hidden gem.


Blood, Sweat, Tears

It was clear from the beginning that this would not be an easy task, but the men certainly underestimated how much time was needed to complete the entire project. Ensuring they made no mistakes, they worked tirelessly to make sure everything went smoothly. The more time went on, the more the men were invested in the project. Regardless of the time it took, every piece of work they did would get them to be that one step closer to an amazing discovery.


Getting There

The group of friends worked on pouring the concrete into the shelter, and once they finally finished the first batch, they proceeded to secure the rebar. In the meantime, they also got on with adding to the exterior. They added concrete to the opening of the shelter and followed this by building a wooden frame. Upon building the wooden frame, the men could finally envision what the finished project would look like and what would be the image of their project.


Whistle While You Work

With all focus on ensuring that the shelter became safe to walk in and out of, reinforcing the entire shelter with concrete was the most crucial part of the project. The most important part also made for the most time-consuming element of the rebuilding purpose, as well as, the most vigorous. There were certainly times when the men felt tired and were low in spirits, but with the rest of the friends there for encouragement, they could help and keep each other going.


All In A Day’s Work

Having put so much hard work into the project, the men took time to take a step back and admire all they had achieved. This project was a great bonding experience for the men, and they were even more appreciative of this time together. Their next task was to apply a Sonotube cardboard form. The Sonotube would act as a temporary protection inside the shelter’s entrance. This was essential in order not to damage any of their previous work and move on to the next step.


Bomb Shelter Chic

Since the shelter had dated back many years, there was no electricity or utilities found inside. While renovating the shelter, the men agreed that it was essential to add a conduit for electricity. This was essential while the men were still working on the shelter and not just for its use after. Should the men have had to stay down there for a while, they would need power sockets in the event they needed to stay warm or eat down there.


Little By Little

This may have been in the hands of the group of friends in one of the men’s backyard, but the wooden beams propping the entrance made the construction look professional. The project was taking shape and the men worked tirelessly to make sure all their hard work paid off. Although it was still not complete, they all remained optimistic and could envision how it would all pan out. They began discussing what their hard work would eventually become and what they could use this abandoned shelter for.


Summer Heat

The discovery of the shelter began in summer, and some days, all the hard labor was too much in the heat. The men took the initiative and put up a tent to cover their entire work area, to protect themselves from the sun for the remainder of their work. This would allow them to work in the shade and not be effected completely by the sun during the working day. The cover also marked the area of their work, and they were eager to show off their centerpiece to others.


Determination Station

Everything was looking great and, considering this was an entire reconstruction and renovation, the men knew it would take plenty of time. Taking the project seriously from the moment they started, step by step, they would work carefully in making sure everything was stable, as well as, aesthetically pleasing. This discovery was not something the men would come across every day, and they wanted to restore this goldmine to its former glory. They were going to work on this project until the very end.


Rollin’ Up Their Sleeves

The entire perimeter of the shelter needed to be covered in concrete, so the men poured another layer following their first initial one. Pouring concrete onto any surface can become quite the performance since it is not the cleanest, nor the easiest of processes to deal with. The men needed to make sure the concrete stayed only in the places they needed it to be, and to ensure it was as smooth as it can be. However, this was another stage which was that one step closer to the completion.


Digging Deep

Having added more concrete, the men also reset the rebar to make sure it gave that extra bit of support. When renovating the shelter, the men focused on making sure the whole thing was completely sturdy so that any visitors inside were safe and secure. Therefore, the men had to base their whole strategy for the renovations around the safety of the shelter. Additionally, other elements had to be considered when it came to the underground setting of the shelter.


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The professional quality of the work the men had produced would leave any onlooker fooled that this was a shelter that dated years back. The shelter was beginning to look like a completely new model, and it was almost a finished product. The next task, however, was to work on the two-by-fours which still needed some work. The men worked on painting the model, and as it was setting, the men could reflect on how much work they had completed and the what their efforts had achieved.


Taking Shape

The time finally came when the men were able to remove the forms from the entrance surface. The shelter was now almost complete, and the men were heading into the final stages. At this point, there was no missing the difference all their work had done, and the way the shelter now looked to when it was first discovered. The men put their minds to completing this project when they were first called upon, and together they managed to produce a stable structure.


Pure Amazement

The men were extremely grateful that they could be apart of this renovation after being asked by their friend. Together they could be in awe of the discovery in the backyard and all the hard work they put in. The shelter had gone from a secret, abandoned space, into something special. The men had successfully turned it into a renovated space, that was stable for anyone to enter and enjoy. However, the men were still trying to work together in deciding what to do with this new found space.



After waiting hours for the concrete, it had finally dried, and the men were eager to get inside the new structure to see the final results. Everything was done so spectacularly, that no one would know it had been done by a group of friends attempting to make it into something. Having had this time to bond and working together, was a bonus and made the work that more enjoyable. They were astonished to see what they had achieved and the way their project had turned out.


What A Discovery!

The small black pipe found on the side of the structure was the added piece that kept the men completing this project from the start. This allowed the men to breathe underground, and without this, they would not have had enough air to work long hours in the day. Although working on this structure was most likely not on their initial list of summer activities, the men looked back at how happy they were that the man stumbled across this in his backyard and requested their help.


Time To Explore

The end was nearing, and it was finally time for the men to venture underground and check out their new construction. What was once an abandoned shelter most likely used during a World War was now an amazing renovated space. The men were extremely proud of what they were able to achieve with one another, and what became of the discovery in a man’s backyard. There was still one more thing that needed to be done before the shelter was completely perfect.


Inside Wonders

The most important part of the structure was, of course, the steps. Considering this was the only way in and out of the structure. the men had to back sure the stairs were stable for people of all ages to be able to use. When first discovering the shelter, the stairs were rusty and too unstable to use, considering how long they had been left abandoned for. Working on the stairs was the final step for the men to complete, and they would make sure these were stable.


To The Ceiling

While the men were ready to complete the project following their work on the stairs, they soon realized this was not the last piece to be worked on. The man had spotted fiberglass on the ceiling that had begun to peel off. While the men were so close to finishing, the man’s heart sank a little knowing more work had to be done. Should the materials touch skin, it could seriously harm a person’s lungs, and this was a risk the men were not willing to take.


What A Result

Fortunately, the men took action and discovered there was even more loose fiberglass than they had first thought. After pulling it down, it became a prominent issue, but it was a straightforward process to replace it. The men re-plastered the ceiling, and it ended up looking completely brand new. Another fortunate turn was that the fiberglass did not harm any of the workers while they were down there, and their project was close to being finished once again.


Marveling At History

The moment came when the work on the structure was finally complete! After plenty of hours had been put in by the group of friends, all their hard work and determination had paid off, and they were gifted with a completely new construction. The smile on the man’s face says it all, and the men were certainly pleased with themselves. The man now had a fully functioning shelter in his backyard, and it was all because he had a desire to discover what was hiding underneath the grass.