The Cast Of JAG – Where Are They Now?

Many fans of the hit series NCIS are actually unaware that it was, in fact, a spin-off. The original series, JAG, was a conveyor belt for some of TV’s most talented performers. This begs the question: where are the cast members of the military legal drama today?

Catherine Bell As Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie

Known by her contemporaries as “Mac,” Sarah Mackenize is a marine lawyer who moves up the JAG ranks. With “Harm” by her side and a strong team, Mac eventually becomes Lieutenant Colonel.

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Catherine Bell – Now

Towards the end of her run on JAG as “Mac,” Catherine Bell showed signs of potential that she could work with Hollywood’s best when she starred alongside Jim Carrey in the comedy hit Bruce Almighty. However, Bell hasn’t managed to star in too many other blockbuster hits since then. With that said, in 2015, she landed the main role of Cassie Nightingale in the fantasy comedy series Good Witch, which has recently been renewed for a fifth season. Bell is a high-profile Scientologist.

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David James Elliott As Harmon “Harm” Rabb Jr.

With a long family history of war heroes, Harmon Rabb Jr. was determined to carry on the legacy left behind by his military ancestors. David James Elliott portrayed a character who is a team player and develops a strong working relationship with “Mac.” By the end of the series, the duo gets engaged and chooses to live in either London or San Diego. Unable to come to an agreement, they let fate decide through the flip of a coin.

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David James Elliott – Now

It seems that David James Elliott wanted to keep things in the family during his time on JAG. Before he even landed the role of “Harm,” Elliott was already married to Nanci Chambers, who eventually joined the series as Lieutenant Loren Singer. Since then, Elliott has had roles on shows such as Close To Home, The Guard, and Scoundrels. He also starred as John Wayne in the Bryan Cranston-led movie Trumbo. Elliott’s most recent role came as Bill Boone in 2018’s Impulse.

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Tracey Needham As Meg Austin

She may have only been in the first season of JAG, but Tracey Needham stole the show with her performances as Lieutenant, Junior Grade Meg Austin. Needham’s character was actually brought in early on in production because the showrunners were unsatisfied with Andrea Parker’s character Caitlin Pike. Ultimately, JAG was canceled after the first season, and because she was unaware that it would get picked up by CBS just a year later, Needham was happy to move on with her career.

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Tracey Needham – Now

Since her brief time as Meg came to an end in 1996, Tracey Needham has had a fairly modest career in the world of TV. Over the years, she has appeared on shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Criminal Minds. However, her most notable role since JAG has to be as Inspector Candace ‘CD’ DeLorenzo on the popular crime drama The Division. Since 2010, Needham has stayed out of the limelight in order to focus on her family.

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Patrick Labyorteaux As Bud Roberts

One of the longest running characters on JAG, Patrick Labyortreaux appeared in a staggering 208 episodes as the loveable character Bud Roberts. Despite being a lieutenant for the majority of the series’ run, Bud eventually gets promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. By the end of the show, Bud stays in D.C. to be close to his family. Like a number of other stars, Patrick Labyorteaux ended up reprising the role of Bud on three separate occasions on the spinoff NCIS.

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Patrick Labyorteaux – Now

While Patrick Labyorteaux might have never found a more iconic role in his career than Bud Roberts in JAG, he has added a number of guest appearances in other shows to his name over the years. Since JAG came to an end in 2005, Labyorteaux has had brief roles in popular shows such as CSI, Dexter, and Scandal, to name a few. In 2008, just three years after wrapping up on JAG, the actor had a minor role in the Jim Carrey-led Yes Man.

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Zoe McLellan As Jennifer Coates

With a troubled background, Jennifer Coates evolves from a problematic member of staff to one of the strongest female characters on JAG. Appearing in seasons seven through to ten, Zoe McLellan made a huge impression as Coates, despite only joining the series towards its end. For the majority of her time on JAG, Coates is a Navy Petty Officer. Her role was so popular that she eventually became a main character in the final season.

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Zoe McLellan – Now

It wouldn’t take long before Zoe McLellan found herself a new main role after JAG came to an end in 2005. Just two years later, the talented actress landed the role of Lisa George in the drama Dirty Sexy Money. Although it developed a decent fanbase, ABC ultimately decided to cancel the show after just two seasons. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped McLellan from finding work elsewhere, having roles in shows such as House, NCIS, Suits, and Law & Order: SVU.

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John M. Jackson As A.J. Chegwidden

Despite only being a recurring character during the first season, it wouldn’t take long before A.J. Chegwidden became an integral series regular for the rest of the show’s run. Often referred to by his contemporaries as the “Old Man,” Chegwidden is proud of his Vietnam War service and is one of the best lawyers in the Navy. Jackson was one of the numerous cast members from JAG who reprised his role for guest appearances on the show’s spinoff, NCIS.

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John M. Jackson – Now

Having already established himself as a well-respected actor in the world of TV, John M. Jackson had no trouble finding work after his time on JAG came to an end. Immediately after the series finale, Jackson could be spotted on the popular series Bones. In the following years, he appeared on other shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, and Criminal Minds. He even reprised his role as A.J. Chegwidden in the JAG spin-off NCIS. He recently starred alongside Chris Evans in the critically acclaimed movie Gifted.

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Andrea Parker As Caitlin Pike

As previously established, Andrea Parker was supposed to be one of the main characters of JAG during its early days, portraying Commander Caitlin Pike. However, after the show’s pilot, NBC was unconvinced and ended up replacing her with Tracey Needham’s character, Meg Austin. Despite this setback, CBS would end up bringing Parker back to reprise the role as a guest character, making numerous appearances throughout the show’s run. Caitlin Pike also had a stint as a Lieutenant.

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Andrea Parker – Now

After her haphazard role as Caitlin Pike on JAG, Andrea Parker was able to find much more stable work elsewhere. Eventually, after a number of guest roles on shows such as The Mentalist, My Name Is Earl, and Suits, Parker had a recurring role on the popular sitcom drama Desperate Housewives. Following this, she had a main role in the popular teen mystery drama Pretty Little Liars. Outside of acting, Parker does a lot of philanthropic work, supporting causes such as The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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Scott Lawrence As Sturgis Turner

He might not have been on JAG from the very start, but Sturgis Turner would prove to be an integral character as the show progressed. Scott Lawrence played Turner, who is an old friend of Harm’s from his time in the Naval Academy. Soon enough, Turner becomes a well-respected lawyer. Despite his popularity, Turner’s friendship with Harm soon turns sour after Chegwidden retires. Lawrence played the role from 2001 until the show came to an end.

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Scott Lawrence – Now

Although none of the roles he has had following JAG have been of top billing by any means, the list of movies that Scott Lawrence has worked on over the years is incredibly impressive. Since his role as Sturgis Turner came to an end in 2005, Lawrence has had minor roles in movies such as Cloverfield, Avatar, The Social Network, and Star Trek Into Darkness. The actor will soon lend his voice to the animated series Star Wars Resistance.

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Karri Turner As Harriet Sims

One of the longest running female characters on the show, Karri Turner first appeared in JAG as Lieutenant Harriet Sims in season two and was a recurring character all the way until the series finale in 2005. Sims developed a romance with Bud Roberts and eventually, the couple tied the knot. However, it certainly wasn’t an easy ride. In the third season’s penultimate episode, Sims seems to get cold feet. However, she soon comes around and marries Bud.

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Karri Turner – Now

While Karri Turner has appeared in other shows since her role as Harriet Sims came to an end, there is no denying that her time on JAG is, to this day, her number one claim to fame. Her most notable TV appearance since JAG was in two episodes of the popular sci-fi series Heroes. Outside of TV, Turner went to Iraq with fellow comedians Kathy Griffin and Michael McDonald to perform for the U.S. soldiers who were stationed there at the time.

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Randy Vasquez As Victor Galindez

Having appeared in about a quarter of the show’s episodes, there was no denying that Randy Vasquez added something unique to JAG as Gunnery Sergeant Victor Galindez. A large part of the character’s arc revolved around his rivalry with Chuck Carrington’s character, Jason Tiner. Although they often didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of matters, they were on the same team when push came to shove. After 51 episodes, Vasquez’s time as Galindez came to an end in 2003.

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Randy Vasquez – Now

He may not have been on JAG all the way to the very end, but Randy Vasquez has been in heavy demand ever since. Just a few years after he left the military drama, Vasquez appeared on other popular shows such as Nip/Tuck, CSI: Miami, and Shameless, to name a few. Just a couple of years after leaving JAG, Vasquez also made his directorial debut, with 2005’s comedy Perceptions. Vasquez’s most recent acting role came in the crime drama Among Thieves.

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Nanci Chambers As Loren Singer

Nanci Chambers’ connection to JAG was well-established long before she even landed the role of Loren Singer. Having already been married to David James Elliot since 1992, the actress had a way-in, proving that it’s not just about what you know; it’s also about who you know. Loren Singer was a recurring character throughout seasons five to eight and had already been in the show, having portrayed both an assassin in season two and a USO entertainer in season five.

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Nanci Chambers – Now

In an industry where it is more surprising for couples to stay together than it is for them to break up, Nanci Chambers and David James Elliott proved that Hollywood love can last. They are still together to this day and have two children. This could explain why Chambers hasn’t done much acting work since her time on JAG came to an end in 2003. Her most recent role came in 2008, when she had a brief appearance in the supernatural series Ghost Whisperer.

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David Andrews As Gordon Cresswell

Despite only being in the show for less than 20 episodes, David Andrews’ presence was truly felt as the show’s final Judge Advocate General, Gordon M. “Biff” Cresswell. Having already appeared in movies such as A Nightmare On Elm Street and Fight Club, Andrews brought many years of Hollywood experience to the military drama. By the end of JAG, Creswell is the natural successor to Rear Admiral A.J. Chegwidden. So what is David Andrews doing now with his life?

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David Andrews – Now

Having already landed a role in the third installment of the Terminator franchise, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, David Andrews went in and out of JAG as a trusted actor that directors could truly depend on to pull off stellar performances. This fact has rung true right up until the present day. Since JAG, Andrews has appeared in movies such as Fair Game, The Conspirator, and the Brad Pitt-led zombie apocalypse movie World War Z, to name a few.

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Meta Golding As Tali Mayfield

She may have only appeared in three episodes of the final season of JAG, but there is no denying Meta Golding’s impact on the show towards the end of its run. With a string of roles on notable shows such as The Wayans Bros., Ally McBeal, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Golding certainly had what it took to impress on another popular series in the form of JAG. Her character, Tali Mayfield, is a Lieutenant in the United States Navy.

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Meta Golding – Now

Meta Golding is a fine example of an actress whose career has got stronger and stronger ever since appearing on JAG. Despite only appearing in three episodes, Golding soon moved on to other notable TV shows such as CSI, House and Lie To Me. It wasn’t just TV that Golding made a name for herself in. Just a few years after her role on JAG, the talented actress appeared in the Bruce Willis-led Surrogates and most recently, she had a role in The Hunger Games franchise.

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Paul Collins As Alexander Nelson

When it comes to bringing acting experience to JAG, no actor or actress can quite match up to the resume of Paul Collins. Having been involved in the world of TV of the film for the last 50 years, Collins had an impressive list of roles to his name, having starred in movies such as Peter Pan, Without a Trace and shows like Beverly Hills, 90210. However, there is no doubt that JAG took his career to another level, with his role as Navy Secretary Alexander Nelson.

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Paul Collins – Now

Paul Collins hasn’t been the busiest man in the acting industry since last performing as Alexander Nelson in JAG. A couple years later, he appeared as US Senator Sam Wilkinson in political drama The West Wing. That’s not all though. Paul Collins has also appeared in a number of big-budget movies such as xXx: State of the Union and the spiritual sequel to Bruce AlmightyEvan Almighty, starring Steve Carrell. Collins even lent his role to the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise.

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Anne-Marie Johnson As Bobbi Latham

There is no doubt that Anne-Marie Johnson was a familiar face before landing the role of Bobbi Latham. She already captured the hearts of millions with her roles in shows such as What’s Happening Now!! and In the Heat of the Night. However, JAG certainly didn’t damage her reputation. Formerly known on JAG as Roberta Latham, Bobbi is a former girlfriend of Sturgis Turner, who happens to also be Chairwoman in the House National Security Subcommittee.

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Anne-Marie Johnson – Now

With over 40 TV shows to her name since her time on JAG came to an end, to say that Anne-Marie Johnson is a regular face on TV is the understatement of the century. Despite rarely having a main role since JAG, the list of shows that Johnson has starred in is absolutely staggering. These include the likes of Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal, The X-Files, That’s So Raven, Bones, NCIS, Boston Legal and Days of Our Lives. The list just goes on, and on, and on…

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Chuck Carrington As Jason Tiner

When you appear in over 100 episodes of a TV show, you must be doing something right. This certainly applied to Chuck Carrington, who for the good part of eight seasons, played the Yeoman of Admiral Chegwidden – Jason Tiner. While Carrington’s character is very much the source of a lot of comic relief on the show, his role becomes much more integral as time goes on. Eventually, Tiner graduates from law school and gets accepted into OCS.

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Chuck Carrington – Now

He might have had one of the least eventful careers out of anyone on this list after JAG came to an end. Make no mistake about it though; the work that Chuck Carrington has had since his role as Tiner has been fairly impressive. Having made appearances on popular shows such as Blue Bloods and Shameless, Carrington continues to prove that he’s got what it takes to work with the very best. He starred in the low-budget movie The List back in 2007.

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Steve Culp As Clayton Webb

He may have only been in 41 episodes of the entire series, but Clayton Webb was a memorable character who was in and out of JAG for the majority of its run. Having already established himself as a well-respected actor with roles on shows such as The Cosby Show, L.A. Law, and Murphy Brown, Steve Culp brought a considerable amount of experience to the role of Clayton Webb. This was one CIA officer you did not want to mess with.

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Steve Culp – Now

Steve Culp certainly hasn’t slowed down in any sort of way since leaving JAG back in 2004. Since then, he has had roles in a wide variety of shows such as Star Trek: Enterprise, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Los Angeles and NCIS. He was also a series regular on the critically acclaimed Desperate Housewives, playing Rex Van de Kamp. One of Culp’s most recent high profile appearances came in 2014 when he played Senator Scudder in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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Michael Bellisario As Mikey Roberts

When your dad created JAG and you’re an aspiring actor, is it too much to expect to get a role on the show? Thankfully, this was a question that Michael Bellisario didn’t need to ask himself for too long. From season three onwards, showrunner Donald P. Bellisario’s son played the recurring character Mikey Roberts, a midshipman who, by the end of the show, is dating the daughter of Gordon Cresswell, Cammie. But what is Bellisario doing now with his life?

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Michael Bellisario – Now

Unlike other performers on this list, Michael Bellisario doesn’t exactly have the same sort of pressure to stay relevant in the world of acting. However, he did manage to work on the spinoff show NCIS, as well as appearing in a film adaption of The Picture of Dorian Gray. One of the most trivial credits to his name was when he worked behind the scenes for the cult classic comedy Grandma’s Boy, which starred the likes of Allen Covert and Linda Cardellini.

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Isabella Hofmann As Meredith Cavanaugh

By the time she landed the role of Meredith Cavanaugh, Isabella Hofmann had already made a name for herself as a talented actress in the world of TV. Best known for her main role as Kate McCarron in Dear John, Hofmann also appeared in shows such as L.A. Law, ER, and The Division before finally appearing as Meredith. At first, it seemed that she would be the one for Admiral Chegwidden. However, that romance soon came to an end after she cheated on him.

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Isabella Hofmann – Now

Another actress who seems to have appeared in everything on TV, Isabella Hofmann just hasn’t been able to hold down a regular role since last appearing on JAG. Since then, she has appeared on shows such as The L Word, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Boston Legal, Grey’s Anatomy, Suits and The Flash. Hofmann’s personal life has also been eventful, having previously been married to Daniel Baldwin, one of the Baldwin brothers. Hofmann recently lent her voice to the video game Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

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Andrea Thompson As Alison Krennick

Andrea Thompson arguably has one of the most fascinating lives out of any of her JAG contemporaries. At the same time that she portrayed Captain Alison Krennick, Thompson was also exploring a career in journalism, eventually landing a job as an anchor on CNN Headline News. However, she soon became disillusioned with broadcast journalism, especially in light of the events of 9/11. To think that such an eventful chapter of her life happened when she was also a recurring character on JAG.

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Andrea Thompson – Now

Although she failed to hold down a job in the world of broadcast journalism, it wouldn’t take long before Andrea Thompson returned to what she does best – acting. After JAG came to an end, she appeared in other shows such as 24, Bones, and Criminal Minds. It’s not just TV series that Thompson has worked on. In 2010, she lent her voice to the video game Fallout: New Vegas. Thompson’s most recent role came in 2016 on the TV show Quarry.

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