Photos Showing How Kate Middleton Handles Her Kids Revealed

Hello From The Mountains

While we may not know all that happens behind Palace gates, Kate and Will often give the world a glimpse into their family life and even take some vacation snaps.


Sometimes You’ve Got To Listen To Your Mother

Prince George may become the King of England one day, but that does not mean he can get away with a telling off his mother. At the Victoria international airport, during the Royal tour of Canada, Kate was seen giving her eldest son a few words before posing for family photographs. While the Royals may differ from other families, Kate proves that they can be just like everyone else in some respects. After all, a young toddler is not always going to be on his best behavior.


A Royal Suitor

Princess Charlotte may have been born into the public eye and to one of the most famous families in the world, but she definitely is not shy when it comes to her Royal appearances. The adorable two-year-old is always seen smiling and waving to onlookers hoping to get a glimpse of the Royal family. Just like her older brother, Princess Charlotte has charmed the nation, as well as the rest of the world, and her doting mother is always seen by her side looking on at her youngster.


Playing The Older Sister Role

For the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, Kate was on hand to make sure her younger sister’s big day was perfect. While she may not have been able to take on the role as maid of honor, she did make sure all the young bridesmaids and page boys were on their best behavior. Trying to keep many youngsters in check can be a hard task and, at one point, Kate was seen telling off Prince George.


Another Prince!

On April 23, 2018, Kate and Prince William welcomed their third child, a son, Prince Louis. The world awaited the news of their new arrival to see who would become the younger sibling to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The proud parents gave the world their first glimpse of their newborn son the same day he was born, and the world got to see who was now fifth in line to the throne. Many said Kate resembled Princess Diana in her choice of clothing for this moment.


Lending A Helping Hand

It is a huge responsibility being born into the Royal family and, while most young children are enjoying their infant years, these Royal children are attending to their Royal affairs. While accompanying their parents on their Royal tours and engagements, there can, of course, be a few hiccups. As seen here, a young Charlotte had accidentally fallen over, but her mother was sure to keep hold of her hand even when she fell, and to help her right back up.


When Your Uncle Gets Married

The world watched on as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said their vows and officially became husband and wife, and the public was sure to also get a glimpse of the young Royals. With their mother in tow, Princess Charlotte, along with the other bridesmaids and page boys, made their way into St. George’s Chapel and followed the beaming bride down the aisle. Kate was sure to keep an eye on her children, and Princess Charlotte was more than happy to wave to the crowd.


Thank You For Your Service

Just as the young Princess is sure to smile and wave to the public, she has even followed in her parent’s footsteps with greeting others with a handshake. According to Royal laws, you must only greet a member of the Royal family by bowing down or curtseying, but can also accept a handshake if they offer first. When coming off a flight, it seems that Princess Charlotte was happy to thank the crew for their services by shaking their hands, even if her mother told her to do so!


Smile And Wave

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were accompanied by their two children when they departed from Victoria Harbour Airport in Victoria, Canada, on the eighth day of the Royal Tour to Canada. Holding a young Charlotte, Kate is seen grinning with joy following their Royal Tour and must have been happy to have her children with her while fulfilling her Royal duties. The family of four are always willing to greet the public, and the young Royals have taken this on with ease.


The Prince On Tour

Before Prince George was even a one-year-old, he accompanied his parents on his first Royal Tour. Here he was seen taking a look back at the crowd while the family was departing Australia in 2014, and this Tour marked the first of many. While this could not have been the best journey to choose for a young toddler, with it being 24 hours away from England, Kate still managed to always look poised and elegant with her young son in tow.


Charlotte’s Christening

Kate walked with her husband and Prince George to the entrance of the Church where Princess Charlotte was to be christened, with the lady of honor pushed in her very Royal stroller. It was later in the day that the proud mother of two showed off her youngest child at the time, looking beautiful in a cream, wool silk, tailored Alexander McQueen coat. Kate has worn the same coat to three more public engagements, with her most recent being at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


A Hands-On Mom

Kate was hands-on at a children’s party for military families during the Royal Tour of Canada in September 2016. While Kate probably has the chance to have numerous nanny’s for her children, it seems the mother-of-three spends as much time with her children as she can. Here Kate is seen being playful with her young daughter. It seems Princess Charlotte also listens to instructions given by her mother and did not cause a fuss when told she needed to wear a sweater.


Prince George’s Christening

Prince George certainly stole the show during the official photographs taken at his Christening, giving his complete attention to the camera in front of him. Looking joyful on his big day, the young tot posed with his gleaming parents for the photo, with Kate sporting an elegant jacket and Prince William looking dapper in a suit. The rest of the Royal clan joined the family on the day, as well as Kate Middleton’s parents and siblings. After all, this was the future King being christened.


Perhaps Not The Time Or Place

On several occasions, Kate has proven how she is a very hands-on mother and has to deal with the same things that many other parents have to deal with. She proved this once again when she had to console Prince George during a very public meltdown. While at his first official Royal engagement, a visit to the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAR Fairford in 2016, something seemed to sadden the young Prince. In such a moment, all he needed was the comfort of his mother, and Kate didn’t let him down.


A Family Affair

For over 260 years, the Trooping of the Colour has marked the official birthday of the British Sovereign. Therefore, it is no surprise that the British monarchy comes out in full force every year on this day. Prince William and Kate were seen here at the Trooping of the Colour in 2016 with their children, who looked fascinated by the goings-on around them. Kate once again wore the Alexander McQueen cream coat that she was seen wearing at the recent Royal wedding.


Just Like Any Other Mom

Kate has previously spoken briefly about family life, and she spoke of how she would always put her children before any of her Royal duties; and who can blame the mother of three, who has three young children under the age of four? At the Gigaset Charity Polo Match in 2015, a dressed down Kate was seen playing with her energetic son on the grass, and you perhaps wouldn’t recognize the Royal at first glance looking so informal. Rather, she would have looked like any other mother.


Supporting Prince Harry

While all of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s page boys and bridesmaids at their wedding walked together to leave the church, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were seen to walk behind with their parents. The Royal family all joined together on the steps of the church to watch Prince Harry and Meghan have their first kiss and wave to the public. It seems Prince George went all shy at this moment but, once again, his sister took in all the attention and looked adorable next to her mother.


When You’re Just Not Interested In What Is Going On

While on their Royal tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014, Prince William and Kate were always well dressed and always elegantly presented themselves. Once again, however, the Royals have proven that they are not some superheroic family in which everything goes perfectly well. In fact, Prince George was none the wiser to think his mother would have had her hair done for their Royal engagements and grabbed hold of it instead. Never a pleasant experience for anyone, but Kate managed to keep herself composed.


This Here Is An Octopus

We can all remember those parties we would enjoy as kids when we would go and come back with some balloon masterpiece. Prince George seemed to be enjoying that same experience while with his mother and younger sister at the children’s party for military families. The Royal family was photographed while playing outside on the grass in Canada and, while most moms may not have time to look their best, Kate looked every bit a glamorous Royal while out with her children.


Time To See Some Animals

Many families will take their young children to the zoo to visit some of the world’s favorite creatures, and that is exactly what Kate and Prince William did with Prince George. During their visit to Australia in 2014, the couple took their youngster to Taronga Zoo and, from the looks on their faces, they had a really great time. Prince George, meanwhile, may have been enjoying the views but was also enjoying putting anything in his mouth, as is expected from babies at that age.


Always Look Your Best

They may have been standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, being seen by millions of onlookers and viewers, but that did not stop Kate from fulfilling her motherly duties. When she saw that Prince George’s hair looked slightly out of place, she was quick to fix it right up. Only the best for the future King of England, of course, but also young toddlers may be unaware that their hair is not looking right at points, and only their mother is going to fix that.


The Future King’s Arrival

The world was hooked to their TV and computer screens when it was announced that Kate had gone into labor with her first child in 2014. Knowing this child was going to become third in line to the throne, and  was most certainly set to become the head monarch at some point in time, the world waited in anticipation to see if Britain had a future King or Queen. When it was revealed that Kate had given birth to a baby boy, Prince George, the happy first-time parents were not the only ones celebrating that day.


And Then There Were Four

In 2015, Kensington Palace released the first official portrait of Prince William and Kate’s family after Charlotte was born. The happy family of four were all smiles for the occasion and chose to share their photo with the world. The photo was taken before Prince George and Princess Charlotte were set to join their parents for their first Royal tour as a family of four on a trip to Canada. Throughout their Royal Tour, more photos were taken of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their children, while attending their Royal engagements.


Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?

The Queen of England may have just been a couple of steps in front of Prince George, but when the Queen is also your great-grandmother, you perhaps don’t share the same fascination as someone else might. This seemed to have been the case when George became fixated on something in the sky rather than the events taking place in front of him. His proud parents watched on with cheerful grins to see their son enjoying himself while at their Royal gathering.


It’s A Girl

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was born on May 2, 2015, and the world first got a glimpse of the new British Princess when her parents brought her out of the hospital. Just like after her first birth, Kate was seen the same day she gave birth, without a hair out of place. The proud parents showed off their new tot, who has since become a national favorite. With her adorable smile and Royal wave, it seems that Charlotte was born to be a Princess.


Christmas Is Here

Christmas Day is a Royal affair for the British monarchy when all members of the family attend Church in the early hours of the morning. With all the presents opened on Christmas Eve, and the children probably proud owners of their new gifts, the family makes their way to the Church service and then are invited to have lunch with the Queen. Suited in their winter colors, Prince William, Kate, and their kids looked ready to celebrate Christmas in 2016.

Fake It Till You Make It

At first glance, it may seem that it is a real privilege to be a part of the Royal family. While there is no doubting that, there are times that being a member of the British monarchy can mean doing things you would rather not. A far cry away from their smiles and greeting waves, Princess Charlotte and Prince George looked as though standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace was not where they wanted to be on this day. Kate quickly gave her youngsters a few words.


Soft Spot For Animals

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge seems to have taken a liking to people from an early age, but it seems her love and affection has spread to animals too. While playing at the children’s party, the kids were greeted with some furry friends, and Princess Charlotte was sure to give them a warm welcome. Seen here with Kate, Princess Charlotte’s day just continued to get better and better while in Canada. No doubt the girl holding the rabbit was even happier to be in the presence of royalty!


Something Blue

It seems the family that dresses together stays together since this family likes to color coordinate their outfits every now and again. As seen in this photo taken during their Royal engagement in Germany, the whole family came out shining in blue. This is not the first time Prince William, Kate, and their children have come out all wearing the same color, but it seems to work in their favor. Prince George and Princess Charlotte looked adorable on either side of their glamorous mother.


Up Close And Personal

While the royal family likes to keep their private lives relatively private, Prince William and Kate are sure to share some of their precious moments with the world. For the July 2017 issue of British GQ, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were photographed with their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and interviewed. The proud parents spoke candidly about raising their children, with Prince William saying, “I want to bring up my children in a happy, stable, secure world and that is so important to both of us as parents.”