The Mazda 6 Diesel May Finally Make It To The USA

At the 2019 New York Auto Show, Mazda made a big announcement that fans of the car company have been waiting for. The 2019 New York Auto Show featured new reveals from many car companies and the unveiling of tons of cool cars for enthusiasts. It was held this past weekend at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Mazda brought along the long-anticipated diesel engine which they revealed to be part of the CX-5 crossover. Its 2.2-liter twin-turbocharged inline-four finally passed US emissions regulations. The diesel engine was originally only supposed to be found on the Signature trim and said to come standard with all-wheel-drive.

The Mazda 6 Diesel May Finally Make It To The USA

However, since Mazda went through all the trouble to get the diesel engine past US regulations, it wouldn’t really make sense to only put it in one product. Therefore, the new President of Mazda North American Operations announced at the New York Auto Show that the diesel engine will also be put under the hood of the Mazda6 midsize sedan.

This move was long anticipated and is celebrated by Mazda fans all over the country. The car company originally announced that it would be featuring a diesel engine in the Mazda6 back in 2013 when the current generation of the car debuted in the Los Angeles Auto Show. However, since they had so much difficulty passing regulations it took some time.

The Mazda 6 Diesel May Finally Make It To The USA

Another factor that delayed the approval was the Dieselgate scandal surrounding Volkswagon’s diesel emission cheating. Since then, the feds have needed to be extra careful when doing their evaluation and approving engines to pass US emissions regulations.

The Mazda6 has since undergone two refreshes, but the model will finally, at long last, be getting the Skyactiv-D diesel engine – assuming it passes all federal tests, of course.

The all-wheel-drive with diesel engine model of the Mazda 6 is expected to arrive as part of the 2020 model year update.