3 Cool 2021 CES Gadgets to Meet the Needs of Every Driver

We Are CES ReadyWhile much of the emphasis at CES 2021 was strongly placed on autonomy, bigger-picture tech, and artificial intelligence, there were still plenty of little devices on virtual display that promises brighter driving tomorrow. Gadgets that solve problems like why your phone sometimes does not charge properly with a Qi wireless charger and how a WiFi camera can help monitor precious trailer cargo were displayed. Here are some of the gizmos from this year.

Sweet-Spot Qi Wireless Charger

Wireless ChargerSometimes, people can notice that when they put their phones on the Qi wireless chargers on their vehicles, it may not charge. This is often because the smartphone has the ideal spot for picking up inductive charging that may have not been aligned ideally with the coil on the pad. Panasonic has the solution to this problem. They have found a way to locate the sweet spot of every phone and commence charging at the most efficient location generating the least amount of waste heat possible.

True Wireless Wi-Fi Camera

True Wireless Wi-Fi Camera If people want to keep an eye on the horses inside of their trailers or help when reversing their double-ax fifth-wheel campers, then they should check out Panasonic’s new True Wireless Wi-Fi Camera. It can beam a crisp 1080p picture at 60 frames per second. The camera also has a low latency right to the screen of the user. It is powered by a battery that can be trickle-charged by wiring from the vehicle or trailer, or recharged via USB. The camera mounts via a mechanical mount or a suction cup, and it’s dust-tight and waterproof for 30 minutes.

Vape/Smoke/Chemical Weapons Detector at CES

Vaping Gentex, who is a Zeeland, Michigan-based supplier started in the smoke detector business. They recently acquired Utah-based startup Vaporsens to double down on the area of expertise. They plan to implement a new nanofiber technology that’s developed by Vaporsens that uses a mesh net made of nanofibers about 1/1,000th the size of a human hair. The device that was shown on this year’s CES can be incorporated into an HVAC system or in overhead console sensors, and it could narc on individuals who smoke or vape in a vehicle or potentially sense more dangerous substances that are left behind or brought in a vehicle.

This Lego Bentley Blower Is Spectacular and Could Go Into Production

If you have the vision and patience, you can recreate just about anything with Lego bricks. Over the years, we have seen many amazing creations using Lego, and now this Bentley Blower is warming people’s hearts.

Devoted Builder

This Bentley Blower took a lot of care and attention to be perfectly recreated using Lego bricks. The person responsible for bringing it to life is someone calling themselves ‘17BenBricks,’ who says it took eight months to build. The attention to detail is meticulous, with 17BenBricks even painting the bricks the perfect shade of green to match Bentley’s original color.

After countless rebuilds, 17BenBricks brought his incredibly detailed model to the Lego Ideas website. The creator hopes to gain enough support for the build that Lego decides to put it into production.

The Bells and Whistles

This Lego Bentley Blower doesn’t just look like the real deal, it has many working parts that remain true to the original. The steering works and uses a ‘worm and sector’ design that follows the original blueprint. This Bentley also has a detachable hood, spare wheel, and the crankshaft even moves when the wheels turn. Original Lego bricks and Technic parts were used to perfectly recreate one of the most iconic British racing cars ever made.

Lego Ideas

For several years, Lego has been encouraging its customers to develop their own creations using the company’s building blocks. People are invited to send their creations to the Lego Ideas website, where fans of the Danish toymaker can vote on their favorite designs. Should people’s creations get enough votes, Lego will seriously consider bringing those ideas to life.

If you like the idea of building this Bentley Blower yourself, you can vote for it at the Lego Ideas website. Should the Blower receive over 10,000 votes, Lego may decide to put it into production so people can buy it in stores.