The Truth Behind the Air-Circulation Button in Cold Weather

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Drivers across the UK understand the struggles of combating foggy windshields, especially as temperatures plunge and moisture transforms into immediate condensation. The annoyance of a steamed-up windshield can quickly escalate into a hazardous situation if visibility becomes compromised.

While countless tips and hacks circulate on social media for rapid de-fogging, experts from Eden Tires & Maintenance have revealed a crucial piece of advice: avoid pressing the misunderstood ‘air-recirculation button’ on your dashboard during winter.

The Culprit: Air-Recirculation Button

The air-recirculation button, prominently featured on car dashboards with an icon depicting a car and a horizontal ‘U’-shaped arrow, plays a crucial role in controlling the airflow within the vehicle’s HVAC system. Contrary to common advice, the experts from Eden Tires & Maintenance caution against pressing this button during cold weather. Here’s why:

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While this efficiently recirculates air inside the vehicle during warmer months, its benefits diminish in colder weather and may even be detrimental. According to experts, keeping the air-recirculation button activated in cold weather can lead to faster window fogging and prolonged visibility issues while driving. Instead, the default ‘Fresh Air’ mode proves more effective in preventing rapid condensation and maintaining clear vision on the front screen.

Health Risks: Beyond Visibility Concerns

There are also warnings that excessive use of the recirculation button could even pose health risks to drivers. Increased humidity within the car cabin, a consequence of recirculated air, can create a stuffy environment, potentially inducing drowsiness in the driver. The team recommends deactivating the recirculation button and allowing the car to draw fresh air from the outside through the heater core.

This not only warms up the windshield but also serves to dehumidify, ensuring a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Opting for the ‘Fresh Air’ mode and allowing the car to draw in external air proves to be a more effective strategy for preventing windshield fogging and maintaining visibility.