It’s Time To Bring Alexa To Your Car With The Muse

Who needs to do anything with Alexa around? For she answers all your requests, and you can just sit back and relax. While she has worked her magic in our homes, you can now bring Alexa to your car.


Speak Music isn’t your ordinary car accessory maker and, until now, it was not a car accessory maker at all. The company makes voice-recognition tech tailored for music accessories and can listen to specific demands by the users. The company is now using Muse as a tech to bridge the gap between Amazon’s Alexa and drivers.

Just like many car gadgets, the Muse sticks to your dashboard and connects to a USB port of lighter socket. You connect your phone via Bluetooth, and it contains a microphone. Just as you use Alexa at home, this device will allow you to do the same from your car. Powered by a Qualcomm chip, this is enabled by combining Speak Music’s music-specific commands, with everything Alexa can do.


The Muse will take voice commands, play the specific music or artists you ask for, and check calendar events. With much more available, it takes just a half-second longer to listen to commands than another typical countertop Echo but is hardly noticeable.

At $69 it is the first gadget to bring Alexa to cars and is not just Android-only life the Logitech which is $10 cheaper. Rather, it provides the same APIs for iOS, and any other compatible device is double the price, making the Muse the most affordable option right now.


Therefore, the Muse, which Speak Music partially funded through Indiegogo, sounds like the ideal device. With the device available now, you can enjoy Alexa in your car in a cheap and easy manner.

Especially if you’re one to listen to music a lot in your car, having an Alexa will be bliss. With Bluetooth, USB, and Aux inputs, the Muse can be used in most cars and a range of mobile phones.