America’s Most Groundbreaking Motoring Innovations

The automotive industry is always looking to get better and innovate to give drivers a better experience. The United States has always been at the forefront of the industry, and the country continues making groundbreaking motoring innovations years later.

AMC Pacer – 1975

If you drive into the city, you are sure to find hundreds of compacts ruling the road. In 1975 AMC took a huge risk designing and developing a compact, but the risk paid off. The small hatchback body was a huge hit and helped to popularize compacts for a generation of people.

General Motors EV1 – 1996

Electric vehicles were once seen as the future, but now they are the present. In 1996, electric cars were just glorified golf carts until the General Motors EV1 blazed a trail that companies would eventually follow.

Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager – 1983

SUVs are big business, but they were a fresh concept back in 1983. That’s when Dodge and Plymouth came out with their minivans, the Caravan and Voyager, respectively. These vans were small enough to fit in a garage, but roomy enough for the entire family. Cut to 2020, and the SUV market has a lot to thank the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager for.

Cadillac’s OnStar System – 1996

It is hard to imagine driving without your phone or car’s touchscreen console, giving you directions. Back in the ’90s that technology hadn’t been invented yet, although there was something similar.

Cadillacs came with an OnStar system, which was a call center that provided drivers with directions if they got lost. The system could even detect if the car had been involved in an accident. It could also remotely unlock your vehicle, and the OnStar technology was undeniably a precursor to the tech in our cars nowadays.

These cars were seen as a risk at the time, but their innovations paved the way for the motoring industry as we know it.

Could These Be The Cutest Cars In History?

Not every car on the road has to be super fast, loud, or aggressive, sometimes they can be small and sweet. People want different things from their vehicles, even if that is cuteness. With that in mind, these might be the cutest cars in history.

Daihatsu Copen

It’s hard to clasp your eyes on the Daihatsu Copen and not have a little smile on your face. The dinky little car is styled with vintage autos in mind, but it has all of the modern engineerings to ensure it remains reliable. We can imagine it’s practically impossible to not put the roof down and let the wind blow through your hair in this cute Japanese import.

Fiat 500

Is there a car that can transport you to the streets of Rome better than the Fiat 500? These little city cars have been a staple of Italian engineering for decades, and they only seem to get cuter as time goes on. The cars are deliberately small to allow them to navigate the tight roads in European cities, but out on the open highways, the Fiat 500 just looks cute.

Google Firefly

As if Google hasn’t taken over enough of the world, it seems the tech giants are also looking to be a presence on our roads. The Google Firefly actually won’t be taking to our roads any time soon as it was created as an AI learning experiment. They only did 25mph, and all 50 of them were retired by Google’s autonomous division back in 2017.

Geely Panda

The first thing that strikes us about this adorable little car is the fact it has a face. Those big and bright lights, coupled with the mouth-shaped grill, make the Geely Panda look just like its namesake.

While these cutest cars might not set driver’s pulses racing, they can’t daily but make people go “Aww” whenever they spot them on the road.