Aska Resurrects the Promise of a Flying Car

The Evolution of Flying Cars Is Here

Flying cars have always been a topic of interest. A few companies like Terrafugia and now Aska have even started working on such technology. In fact, Aska is promising the world that their model will be ready to launch in only two or three years!

A Quick Introduction of Aska

Aska is a company in Northern California that has surprised the world by showcasing a prototype of a flying car in the Monterey Car Week, making quite a buzz that spread like a fire. The company has suggested that they will soon begin the production of the first-ever flying car in another two to three years. The company’s CEO has mentioned that the technology is still rough, and they are working on their innovation, hopefully making the flying car take off both vertically and horizontally – like a real airplane – making it easier to get in and out of smaller spaces.

About the Latest Aska A5 Flying Car

About the Latest Aska A5 Flying Car

The Aska A5 will be able to accommodate four people at a time, and the vehicle relies on six propellers for aerial propulsion. Four of the six wheels will be able to transition from a vertical to a horizontal position, making it ready to fly off.

With a battery pack of 100 kWh along with a gas-powered range extender to make more electricity whenever required, the flying car will be the most technologically advanced creation that the world will soon be seeing in the sky. The vehicle will come with a 150-mph cruising speed and will be covering up to 250 miles.

If you want to convert it back to driving mode, the front and rear wings will fold over the fuselage, but they have to be secured to avoid bouncing from the road impacts. So, if your interest is already piqued, you won’t have to wait much longer to actually experience a flying car taking off right in front of you!