A2025 Audi Q6 E-tron Has a Dash Dedicated to Displays, Augmented-Reality Hud

Where Innovation Meets Comfort

When it comes to the interior of the 2025 Audi Q6 e-tron, the future has arrived. Audi’s first electric vehicle built on its new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture is a testament to how technology is transforming our driving experience.

Meet the Voice Assistant

Audi has rolled out a new Android-based infotainment program, bringing along a self-learning voice assistant. Just like Mercedes’s MBUX system, customers can activate this artificial intelligence just by uttering the words, “Hey, Audi.” Even though the full range of what the voice assistant can do is still unknown, Audi alleges it can memorize drivers’ inclinations and make individualized proposals.

Augmented Reality HUD

Augmented Reality HUD

The Q6 e-tron offers an optional head-up display with augmented reality. This feature projects vital information like speed, navigation directions, and traffic signs onto the windshield. What’s unique is how it tilts these images forward, creating the impression that they’re floating in front of the vehicle. This innovative approach aims to reduce distractions, especially in challenging visibility conditions. However, the real verdict on its effectiveness will come from individual drivers.

Ambient Lighting and More

Ambient lighting is a trend that’s rapidly gaining traction among automakers, and the Q6 e-tron is no exception. It offers customizable lighting colors, but it takes things a step further with interactive lighting elements. From creating a welcoming atmosphere when you enter the car to notifying people when the vehicle is locked or unlocked, this lighting system adds a touch of theatrics to your driving experience. It even mimics turn signals and visualizes the EV’s charging levels, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Beyond its technological prowess, the Q6 e-tron doesn’t compromise on practicality. Despite its sleek design, it offers an impressive 19 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row. Fold those seats flat, and that area expands to a capacious 54 cubic feet. These figures put it on par with the gas-powered Q5 SUV.