Meet the Car That Comes With Its Own Drone

Polestar, a Swedish electric car company, aims to introduce a new and gorgeous convertible roadster. It comes with its personal autonomous drone that can help you film your many adventures. The car is called Polestar O₂ (based on Oxygen’s formula) and is being created in the United Kingdom. It is estimated to be ready for production from 2025 onwards. The company has said that the prototype of the hard-top convertible beauty is aimed at developing a car that has open-top performance as well as a riveting driving experience, in addition to having the electric mobility benefits.

Drone Onboard

The O₂ prototyped has its own drone onboard that can launch itself from the car’s back, while at 56mph and film the car in action. This drone is placed on a secret panel right behind the car’s rear window. All the driver has to do is press a button and the panel opens up, a ramp like surface extends out acting as a launch pad so the drone can fly out. This pad guides your drone to go back behind the panel too. The drone, which also has a camera, is developed by two companies in collaboration. One is Hoco Flow, the electronics consumer brand and the other is Aerofugia, a specialist in flying cars. The latter company was recently purchased by Geely, which is the Chinese patent company of Polestar.

The Mechanics

The drone, once deployed, can follow the car when it is moving and record the car’s driving sequence, perfectly. To make the lift-off a possibility, engineers developed a certain specialized aerofoil that rose behind the car’s rear seats and create negative pressure to allow this drone to launch as the car was moving. Polestar stated that the drone operated autonomously. It automatically followed the car. The driver could then choose to shoot the footage in atmospheric sequence, which is great for coastline areas or an action-based sequence. The car is a perfect blend of art and technology.

Meet the Team Replicating the Most Famous Hollywood Cars

Hollywood doesn’t just make stars of actors, it also makes stars of the cars we see. One family garage in North Carolina is bringing those iconic Hollywood cars from our beloved movies back to life.

Meet the Team Replicating the Most Famous Hollywood Cars

Husband and Wife Team

Mark and Angela Zoran are the husband and wife who bring iconic cars like the ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean and ‘Jurassic Park’ Jeeps to life. Mark’s job is to look after the painting, wiring, and fabrication of the Hollywood vehicles, while Angela works on costuming. Along with their small team of mechanics, the husband and wife have brought these pop-culture icons back from the wilderness.

Meet the Team Replicating the Most Famous Hollywood Cars

Recreated with Precision

The team is known as Razorfly Studios, and they make sure to bring these cars back to life with immaculate precision. There is not a single detail on these cars that has been missed. The process all begins with buying the vehicles in the first place, which are the exact models of the famous cars. Then the team will make the cars mechanically safe and remove any rust they find on the bodywork. But that’s only the beginning.

Meet the Team Replicating the Most Famous Hollywood Cars

A Labor of Love

Mark has always been passionate about making models, and he eventually worked his way up to recreating a 1:1 piece. Razorfly’s DeLorean could pass as a movie prop due to the attention to detail, with the company sourcing items actually used in the original time machine. If Mark can’t get his hands on an original, he makes copies of the originals using resin. The cars aren’t cheap to buy, with Razorfly sellings its replicas for prices between $20,000 and $50,000.

Thanks to Razorfly Studios, some of the most famous Hollywood cars are coming back to life and hitting the road once again. The shop’s creative process is being pitched to TV networks in the hope that we can all see how they bring these iconic vehicles back to life.