Infiniti Unveils Fourth Generation 3-D Logo

The Brand Emphasized a Forward-Thinking Design in Its New Logo

In its 34-year history, Infiniti has undergone several logo changes, with the latest iteration marking the brand’s fourth-generation logo. The new design, recently unveiled by the manufacturer, strongly emphasizes the infinite road and horizon elements, symbolizing Infiniti’s commitment to embracing the future.

Emphasizing the Infinite Road and Horizon

Emphasizing the Infinite Road and Horizon

According to Sam Xin, Infiniti’s global divisional general manager, the revamped logo highlights the point where the infinite road intersects with the horizon, signifying the brand’s unwavering dedication to always looking forward and embracing new horizons. Unlike previous versions that ended in a sharp point, the new logo features two flat lines extending into the background, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Symbolizing Dynamism, Motion, and Power

The new logo’s three-dimensional design represents dynamism, motion, and power, aligning with Infiniti’s vision for its future vehicles. Although the manufacturer has not specified which models will bear the new logo or the exact timeline, it is expected to adorn upcoming production vehicles, coinciding with the brand’s planned releases for next summer.

Enhancements and Visual Accentuation

In addition to the redesigned infinite road section, Infiniti has made adjustments to the lettering spacing in the logo. The increased spacing serves to visually accentuate the horizon, enhancing the overall impact of the design. Infiniti also plans to illuminate the new logo on the hoods of its upcoming models, adding an extra touch of visual appeal.

Subtle Changes, Significant Implications

While the changes to the logo may go unnoticed by casual observers, logo redesigns often symbolize the start of a new era for a brand in any sector. Infiniti’s fourth-generation logo signifies its commitment to innovation, progress, and embracing the road ahead. As the brand prepares for its future lineup, the logo is a visual representation of Infiniti’s determination to move forward with its commitment to pushing boundaries in the automotive industry. This new 3-D logo encapsulates Infiniti’s vision for the future, filled with innovation, excitement, and endless possibilities.