Meet The Blackbird – The Car That Can Be Whatever It Wants To Be

The world of car advertising is changing. Our eyes can no longer trust what we’re seeing on our screens after this car was built to fool us. It’s known as the Blackbird, and it can be whatever car it wants thanks to some pretty amazing technology.

Finding A Modern Solution

One problem for new car launches is keeping things under wraps for as long as possible. When shooting promotional material for a new vehicle launch, car manufacturers are at risk of letting the cat out of the bag before they want to. Luckily for those manufacturers, this car is the perfect solution to their problem.

Building The Blackbird

Ben Smith, the executive producer at visual effects company The Mill, was forced to shoot a promo for the Chevrolet C7, but the vehicle wasn’t released to him.

Instead, he had to shoot a C6 and edit the vehicle in the post-production stage to look just like the new model. That got Smith thinking, what if he could create a vehicle that could be changed to practically any car?

Building A Transformer

Smith worked in partnership with the special-effects company, J.E.M. F/X, developing what would become the Blackbird for two years. This rig came with a transformable frame, meaning the studio could shoot whenever and wherever it wanted, later turning the Blackbird into a photorealistic car.

The Blackbird can change its length by up to four feet and its width by 10 inches. The wheels and suspension can be altered to match whichever vehicle they are looking to replicate, plus the Blackbird runs on an electric motor. Even better, the Blackbird can actually film itself thanks to the top-mounted camera, making the editing process easier.

The Blackbird is the way forward for promoting new cars. It means the production company can shoot as much footage as it wants without exposing the new car by filming it on the roads.

The New 3-in-1 Jumpstarter, Power Bank and Car Vac Can Be a Life-Saver

One vehicle giving a jumpstarter to another

If you think about it, roadside emergencies are not just an inconvenience. They can be downright dangerous. It turns out that most drivers have an assortment of junk in the trunks of their vehicles, but they don’t carry one essential piece of emergency roadside equipment. Research shows that just five percent of vehicle owners are fully equipped with jumpstarter cables, road flares, a spare tire, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a blanket, water, and more.

This Jumpstarter Can Save Lives

It is safe to say that carrying these items could mean the difference between life and death for a loved one, another driver, or even yourself. You can help make sure you are ready with a few items off your supply checklist just by picking up the Jumpi 3-in-1 Car Vacuum, Jumpstarter and Power Bank.

3-in-1 Jumpstarter It’s All About Convenience

This new device is a little like a superhero. Jumpi weighs less than two pounds, it’s two feet long, and can easily fit in the backseat or trunk of almost any vehicle. It even doubles as an unobtrusive cordless vacuum cleaner that can suck up unseen particles and large debris with 50 percent less noise than other vacuum cleaners for cars. However, when the chips are down, the Jumpi truly springs into action. It sports a powerful 6,000 mAh lithium-ion battery jumpstarter that is capable of jumping almost any truck or car battery back to life. It serves up 700 amps, and it’s powerful enough to work without attaching the drained battery to a vehicle that is in perfect condition.

It is safe to use even for those who don’t have enough knowledge about jumping a vehicle, with many safety features to prevent over current, short circuits, over-voltage, and more. It also has enough ‘juice’ to supply up to 10 jumps without the need for a recharge.

The Jumpi 3-in-1 Car Vacuum, Jumpstarter and Power Bank can help save the day while it also saves your wallet. It goes for $150.