Mercedes-Benz to Launch Its Own High-Speed EV Charging Network

As electric vehicles are gaining more popularity these days, the necessary charging infrastructure is also on everyone’s mind. Amid this circumstance, Mercedes-Benz announced the opening of its own station network throughout Europe, North America, and China at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Plan

According to the official announcement, the launching of Mercedes-Benz’s first-ever open EV charging network is scheduled to happen later this year in North America. The company aims to have over 400 hubs or stations, with over 2500 high-power plugs or high-speed chargers in operation across the country by 2027. The network will also expand to include other global markets, especially Europe and China, with more than 10,000 EV chargers, by the end of the decade. As per the company’s plan, initially, there will be 4-12 chargers at each station, but the number can grow up to 30 at each in the future.

The Logistics

Mercedes-Benz is going to launch this EV network venture in collaboration with MN8 Energy and ChargePoint. While MN8 Energy will work on providing renewable energy for the stations, the latter will aid the company in other charging-oriented technical aspects. As a shareholder in ChargePoint, Mercedes-Benz had already worked with the company on their ‘Mercedes me Charge’ technology opened previously in the U.S. According to the plan, some of the new charging stations will also have security features and solar-powered lights.

The Advantages

Crucially, unlike Tesla and a few other automaker companies, the stations of Mercedes-Benz will be open to any compatible electronic vehicle, meaning other brands are welcome to use their charging points. But according to Markus Schaefer, the chief technology officer of Mercedes-Benz, the new charging network will always prioritize the Mercedes-Benz drivers and customers in terms of providing safe and convenient service. As Schaefer stated, the plan will include discounted prices for all the ‘Mercedes me Charge’ users and also a dynamic pre-booking process for a charging reservation at a specific hub location.