3 of the Most Useful Car Gadgets Available for Purchase Right Now

3 of the Most Useful Car Gadgets Available for Purchase Right NowYour car is the most practical piece of equipment you own. It not only transports you from point A to point B, but it also allows you to see all the interesting sights along the way. Your car lets you visit the fresh as well as the familiar, from cross-country road trips with friends to your favorite restaurant in town. As a result, you should make it welcoming and up-to-date. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best car gadgets available right now. These items are the most up-to-date ways to stay organized, clean, and have fun on the road. The best part is that they’re all currently affordable.

#1. Inflate-R Wireless Air Pump – Pumping Tires with Car Gadgets

Inflate-R Wireless Air Pump - Pumping Tires with Car Gadgets Do you have a flat tire? With the Inflate-R Wireless Air Pump, you can inflate it in under eight minutes and be on your way. It can inflate mountain bike and motorcycle tires, and it delivers 150 PSI of air. It fits comfortably into your glove compartment or backpack due to its small size. You can see in the dark thanks to a built-in flashlight.

#2. NOCO GENIUS1 Smart Vehicle Charger

. NOCO GENIUS1 Smart Vehicle Charger Since it is so much more than a battery charger, the NOCO GENIUS1 Smart Vehicle Charger is one of the best automotive car gadgets you can purchase right now. It can also be used as a trickle charger and serves as a maintainer and desulfator. It can charge lead-acid vehicle batteries, deep-cycle batteries, lithium-ion batteries, flooded batteries, and other types of batteries.

#3. DentGoalie Car Door Protector

DentGoalie Car Door Protector Are you tired of having dents and scratches on your car doors? The DentGoalie Car Door Protector will prevent them from happening. It’s one of the most practical car gadgets that has high-density, impact-resistant foam panels that protect your car door when it is parked. It can be used on almost any vehicle and is handcrafted in the United States.

Ford of Europe Brought the Virtual Fordzilla P1 to Life

In August 2020, Ford of Europe unveiled the Fordzilla P1, a virtual concept car that would feature in a racing video game in 2021. The company also shared its plans to produce a full-scale model of the vehicle to explore the parallels between the real and virtual worlds.

Ford of Europe - Fordzilla P1The real-life, full-scale model of the futuristic vehicle was recently presented by Ford. While it’s quite common for video game developers to transfer real cars into computer games, this is the first time ever an automaker has brought a virtual automobile to life, and the result is mind-blowing.

Engelmann and Ariño Created an Automotive Masterpiece

Officially known as the Team Fordzilla P1, this race car features an interior designed by Robert Engelmann and an exterior envisioned by Arturo Ariño, two of Ford’s most prominent automobile designers.

Team Fordzilla Logo The vehicle is built around a monocoque that is partially covered by a large, hyper-transparent canopy designed to protect both the pilot and co-pilot. The canopy highlights the car’s unique F1-like driving position and obfuscates the boundaries between the interior and exterior.

The Fordzilla P1 Is Designed to Heighten the Thrill of Racing

In the cockpit, drivers will find LED notification panels that offer updates on the track status in their peripheral view. The steering wheel has an integrated screen that enables live data transfers with the pit team. Engelmann designed the interior to help the pilots minimize any distractions and focus on the enjoyment of racing.

The New Fordzilla P1 The exterior of the Fordzilla P1 is an amalgamation between a sleek GT-like front end and an exposed rear end that pays homage to aerodynamics and the rawness of racing circuits. The flawlessly sculpted front fenders and body side panels add a perfect finishing touch to this absolute head-turner.

The car is 186.25 inches long, 78.7 inches wide, and 35 inches tall. It sits on 21-inch tires and is slightly longer, narrower, and lower than Ford’s current GT, which is why many automotive experts believe that it will be used as the base for the company’s next Grand Tourer.