Porsche’s Turbo Models Embrace New Turbonite Badge for 2024 Panamera Premiere


Porsche is rebranding its Turbo models, and the curtain rises with the debut of the 2024 Panamera.

The luxury automaker is introducing a distinctive badging approach, unveiling the Turbonite-finish badge. The clear goal behind this innovative step is to set Turbo variants distinctly apart from their counterparts like the GTS, and boy do they look good.

Turbonite: A Badge Makeover

Michael Mauer, Porsche’s chief designer, underscores the intent to elevate the prominence of Turbo models. The iconic red and gold tones are being replaced by an understated black and gray palette, exclusively for Turbo variants. Sleek.

This shift isn’t confined to the front badge; it extends to rear lettering, side window surrounds, and intricate details like front fascia inlays and wheel spokes, with variations based on the model. Beautiful.

Visual Appeal: Harmony Inside and Out

Ensuring a seamless design narrative, the Turbonite color concept of the new badge also infiltrates the interior. Trim strips, belt straps, and selected switchgear will bear this new finish. However, the extent of these interior modifications will change depending on the model.

Twitter // @PorscheNewsroom

In a dynamic era of evolving design trends, Porsche’s move to redefine the Turbo badge signifies a commitment to leading in visual innovation. The grand premiere of the 2024 Panamera marks a pivotal juncture in this fresh badging strategy, and we love it.

Charting the Future Course: Porsche’s Aesthetic Evolution

This shift in badging strategy isn’t a mere standalone decision; it aligns with Porsche’s broader commitment to visual evolution.

Embracing consistent styling, Porsche is laying the groundwork for a visually distinct lineup, where each model has its own narrative and branding. As the 2024 Panamera glides onto the scene with the Turbonite badge, it marks a turning point in how Porsche positions its Turbo models amid the ever-evolving landscape of automotive design. We can’t wait to see what’s next!