Ring Car Cams Are Used for Enhanced Vehicle Security

Ring Car Cams

Ring, renowned for its home security cameras and video doorbells, is all set to launch a new product to help people increase their automobile safety – the Ring Car Cam. Unveiled at CES, this dash camera can be integrated with your vehicle and offers dual cameras to capture incidents both inside and outside the car. With the familiar incident alert and recording features found in Ring’s home cameras, the Ring Car Cam provides extra security for motorists.

Comprehensive Surveillance for Safer Journeys

This new launch will mark the beginning of a new era of in-vehicle security and provide a sense of relief to the driver. While the outward-facing camera ensures a clear view of the road ahead, the inward-facing camera is designed to monitor the vehicle’s interior and the driver’s behavior. This new device can be used as evidence to diffuse a lot of legal matters involving road accidents and would be of great help in insurance claims as well.

Instant Alerts and Seamless Integration

Instant Alerts and Seamless Integration

One of the best parts of the Ring Car Cam is that it can be easily integrated with the Ring app, allowing you to receive instant alerts and access recorded footage directly on your smartphone. In case it detects any incident event involving the vehicle, it initiates recording and promptly sends a notification to your phone. You can easily navigate your way through the app to check any footage. The app also offers a feature where you can customize the settings as per your needs, be it specific alerts or motion detection. The cam is designed in a way that takes power from the vehicle’s OBD-II port, which helps avoid the need to charge it or install any separate battery and ensures that the camera is working all the time and is actively recording the necessary movements. This idea to redefine in-vehicle security is definitely a positive step towards safer driving.