How Much Can Tires Affect Your EV’s Efficiency in the Long Run?

How Much Can Tires Affect Your EV’s Efficiency?

The primary role of tires is simply running the car around, and they are often overlooked. Tires are pretty durable, go on for years, and don’t require much maintenance. However, when driving an electric vehicle, they can alter the performance and range of your car. There’s a possibility that choosing the wrong tire size could have significant efficiency effects later on. So, let’s find out how tires can actually harm your EV and what you should do about it!

Using Wrong Tires

Using Wrong Tires

The tire characteristics vary according to the vehicle. EV tires are made keeping in mind their noise profile, longevity, rolling resistance, and grip. Your car requires all these things to stay intact for the tire to stay optimized. The fitted ones come after exhaustive testing and development to offer good optimization. However, if you are looking for more attributes in your tires, like weighing performance or rating factors, in such a scenario, you can think of trading them. You can use other tires that are not made for your EV cars for more performance, but you might end up losing the grip or braking system. So, do proper research before you start replacing the original tires for increased range and performance.

Using Underinflated Tires

Using Underinflated Tires

EV requires a specific air pressure in its tires, and it’s advised to maintain and check that pressure once a month. Dragging your car around with underinflated tires could make a massive difference in the rolling resistance, leading to efficiency damage. It’s also a fine idea to check the tire’s tread, too, when checking for air pressure. It helps determine whether you need new tires or not. Simply stick a penny in the track and see if the top head is visible after insertion. If you can see the entire presidential plate on the coin, replacing them would be a smart choice.

Using Tires Not Made for Your EV

Using Tires Not Made for Your EV

People often try to go for cheap or lower-cost tires to save up some bucks. However, doing so would only make your vehicle worse. Many times, it happens that two similar-looking tires can be far different from each other. Even if they work just fine, your EV operates differently and can severely impact its rolling resistance. Any damage to a tire’s rolling resistance can directly influence the entire EV’s range. And, instead of saving some money, you might be spending more repairing it. So, choosing the right, well-fitted tires and maintaining them can make your electric car last longer.

Top 4 Motorcycle Gear to Enjoy a Safe and Comfortable Ride

When you’re a rider, scrapes and bruises are part and parcel of the deal. Most riders even wear their scars with pride. However, it’s always better to be wearing quality motorcycle gear rather than riding around in Converse, jeans, and an old helmet. What you wear can make all the difference between walking away with just scratches or with broken bones. When it comes to riding gear, the casual ones don’t always deliver quality results, while the full leather ones turn out to be effective but uncomfortable. Here are a few top-notch gear recommendations for the ultimate safe and comfortable riding experience.

Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Helmet

A helmet is the first safety gear when it comes to riding a motorcycle. This particular helmet is a Moto-GP replica helmet with a budget edition. Considered the world’s highest form of motorcycle racing, Moto-GP includes riders geared up with the best quality helmets and other safety equipment. The professionals particularly appreciate the ‘AirFit’ inflation system of the EXO-R1. It lets the rider dial in the best-suited air-cushioned fit one pump at a time.

Racer Mickey Glove

A comfortable motorcycle glove always starts with the right grip and fit. Australia-based company Racer Gloves is famed for taking glove fitment seriously like nobody else. With a trademark best-fitting quality, their short-cuff Mickey Glove is a stellar favorite in the Racer lineup. The palms and knuckles of the glove set feature comfortable Superfabric panels, providing an impressive five times the abrasion resistance of leather with half the weight.

100% Armega HiPER Goggles

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, adding quality goggles to your motorcycle riding closet is always a smart investment, and these Armega goggles are the best in the market. The massive intake ports around the perimeter keep air flowing to the rider’s face, while the 2mm injection-molded lenses protect the eyes and improve visual clarity. Additionally, its sweat management system effectively collects and disperses face moisture to prevent fogging.

Dainese Sport Master Gore-Tex Boots

Be it a racing track, short distance journey, or a miles-long ride, this particular jack of all trades boot is the one to rule them all. For the aggressive riders, there are track-ready toe, heel, and ankle protection along with replaceable toe sliders. The proven Gore-Tex waterproofing and the Sport Master’s plush microfiber upper highly impress the long-distance touring crowd. Also, its under-the-pants fit and subdued styling make the pair perfect for running your errands too.