The Universal Wheel Tray Is Perfect for Eating in a Car

While many people eat in their cars out of necessity, a quick new way to make the experience more comfortable has emerged from an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. The universal foldable wheel tray allows its users to take a quick bite in any parked car or truck. It allows some amount of comfort for people who have to eat in such a small space, as well as for a quick cleanup once a driver is done with the meal.

The Wheel Tray Is Both Simple and Effective

The Wheel Tray in use. According to the makers of the Wheel Tray, the simple device allows drivers to eat in their car without creating a mess and in a more comfortable manner. The product promises that the days of driving with a greasy steering wheel will be over for those who use it. Its universal design allows it to be attached to any steering wheel and in any car or truck out there. The new gadget provides a very simple tray for food, drinks, or even a book.

The design of the Wheel Tray is deliberately as simple as it could be and can even be equipped with a whiteboard. It allows anyone using the tray to take quick notes while chewing their snack. The tray is made of materials that allow it to be cleaned with ease, even with antibacterial wipes. This makes the new product both easy to use and get ready for the next meal.

The Wheel Tray Can Easily Be Folded and Stored for Later Use

The Wheel Tray in its folded form. Notably, the Wheel Tray can be folded without any difficulty, and that allows its users to store it conveniently without having to spare too much space. While this simple gadget has quite an ambitious price attached to it, enthusiasts can get it without the whiteboard for a lower cost. The profit from most sales goes to the Indiegogo fundraising campaign for the products, and there is also a limited-edition design that can be purchased for some $65.

The crowdfunding project has an ambitious goal to reach its $15,000 goal, and is as of yet, far from reaching it. Since it was recently launched, the Wheel Tray has only amassed $356 through donations.

300-Horsepower Cars That Cost Less Than $10,000

You probably don’t need us to tell you that good cars are expensive. If you want quality, you have to shell out the dough — and that’s especially true if you want a car with 300-horsepower. However, what if we told you that you could bag yourself a 300-horsepower car for less than $10,000? While it could seem impossible, you can really knock down the price of an epic car if you’re willing to accept that it has had previous owners and has a few thousand miles on the clock.

300-Horsepower Cars That Cost Less Than $10,000

2010 Ford Mustang GT — $9,819

Everyone dreams of owning a ‘Stang, right? Well, if you have $9,819 in the bank, then this 2010 Ford Mustang GT could be yours. Featuring 315 horsepower, this car has got the punch to go with the low price tag, and you can also find it in a variety of different colors.

2010 BMW 550i — $8,550

If you’ve had your eye on a BMW for a while, then why spend your hard-earned money on something that’s going to wipe out your savings? You could get a good quality 2010 BMW 550i for just $8,550. Featuring a V8 engine, this E60 5 series could be the coolest new addition to your garage.

300-Horsepower Cars That Cost Less Than $10,000

2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe — $9,380

While there’s no doubt about the fact that this generation of the Infiniti G series has just as many fans as it does enemies, there are many people out there who would love to call this car their own. The best part is that it could be yours for less than $10,000. This car features a V6 engine, and you can even grab it in the Sport Coupe.

If you love cars but don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on new additions to your garage, then you’ll be happy to know that these 300-horsepower cars won’t break the bank.