Meet the 1,400 BHP Electric Mustang

Electric cars are definitely the cars of the future, and it seems as though car manufacturers are ramping up their production lines to produce the latest and greatest hybrid and fully-electric cars on a regular basis. Ford is no different, but their newest creation is one of their most unique. This is the 1,4000bhp electric Mustang, and we have a feeling that you’re going to want to say hello…

Meet the 1,400 BHP Electric Mustang

An Old Creation

What’s so amazing about this new electric Mustang is the fact that it’s actually based on an extremely old creation. That’s because Ford built 50 lightweight Mustangs way back in 1968 with the intention of using them within the drag racing circuit. While they were pretty popular back in the day, they soon went out of fashion — until now. Ford has now revived this idea to create an electric Mustang that could be the car of drag racing in the future.

Meet the 1,400 BHP Electric Mustang

The Cobra Jet

These new cars are called Cobra Jets, and there’s no doubt about the fact that they have already caused a bit of a stir with car enthusiasts across the world. Featuring a supercharged V8 engine, this initial prototype comes with a whopping 1,4000 bhp and 1,100lb ft of torque. It has been developed by Ford itself, along with some serious game players in the drag racing world, including Watson Engineering, MLe Racecars, and Cascadia. It’s believed that the car will make its debut later on this year at a specialized drag racing event – and we have a feeling that it will cause a serious stir.

It seems as though everyone is branching into the electric car world, and Ford is no different. This new electric Mustang is sure to make a splash, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this car is going to make a huge difference in the electric realm.

These Are 2020’s Best Compact Hatchbacks

In a time when it seems like cars are getting bigger and bigger, there is a lot to be said for choosing a compact hatchback instead. You often get the same functionality of a crossover or SUV, but the drive is much more enjoyable. If you’re thinking of investing in something a little smaller, then check out 2020’s best compact hatchbacks.

Honda Civic Hatchback

There is a reason why the 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback is one of the best on the market. It does just about everything you could wish a compact hatchback could do.

There is plenty of space for storage, plus, not only is it a great ride, it’s actually a lot of fun to be behind the wheel of. The Civic’s style might not suit everyone, but there is no denying how good it feels to drive this compact hatchback.

Hyundai Veloster

The thing with hatchback cars is that they can look sporty while also offering drivers plenty of space. The Hyundai Veloster straddles the line between sporty compact and roomy hatchback. Hyundai has managed to make its hatchback drive as good as it looks with its 2020 version, which had been lacking in previous editions.

Volkswagen Golf

The German car manufacturer has been in the compact hatchback market for generations. The Volkswagen Golf will offer drivers a comfortable ride with excellent handling, plus it’s a pretty sleek design.

It doesn’t come cheap, but that’s down to its quality manufacturing. What’s even better is the fact the Golf comes in EV form, although the gas models could be better when it comes to fuel economy.

It’s hard to argue over the performance and style of compact hatchbacks when it comes at such a low cost compared to others on the market. These compact hatchbacks won’t let you down when it comes to combining style and space in your vehicle.