This Alfa Romeo 4C Could Be All Yours For Just $45,000

It’s a car that has been making car-lovers froth at the mouth for the last couple of years now. For just $45,000, this Alfa Romeo 4C could be all yours. It sounds too good to be true, but we’ve got the intel from a recent ad on Craigslist.

alfa 4

There is no denying that the 4C has plenty of carbon fiber in its center, and is amazing seeing that the car only weighs 2,460 pounds in total. The Italian brand was determined to get back into the U.S. market and the 4C was considered to be their opportunity.

In fact, Alfa Romeo hasn’t had a real presence in the US since 1995. However, you can tell that the brand hasn’t tried to compromise what made it original in the first place.

This beautiful luxury sports car has an interior to die for – with red leather bucket seats and black, carbon fiber fittings. One thing is for sure, it’s a bit tight, even for the skinnier individuals.

alfa 2

That’s not all though, you will even be able to operate the car with the flat-bottomed steering wheel. Don’t worry though, there is no gear lever, making this a fully automatic driving experience. However, there is a six-speed dual clutch.

Expect a 237-horsepower engine from this beautiful motor, according to the vehicle’s seller on Craigslist, who say that it is in “excellent condition.” In theory, having this beauty in your garage shouldn’t be a problem, but in practice, it is a new driving experience altogether.

Some of the other standout features include its bi-xenon headlamps, its throttle, and the keyless entry. One thing that potential purchasers might miss from this experience is the lack of power steering in the 4C.

alfa 3

There is a chance that the car may be sold before you get a chance to check out the ad on Craigslist. At any rate, it is nice to know that it was there.