BMW Is the Top-Selling Luxury Brand in the United States in 2020

In a year in which vehicle sales were down across the board, BMW managed to have some good news to report. With 278,732 cars sold, the famous brand narrowly took the crown in luxury-car sales in the United States. As an online blog points out, BMW was just ahead of Lexus, which sold 275,041 cars, and Mercedes-Benz with their 274,916 completed sales. Audi sold 186,520 automobiles in 2020, while Acura rounded the extravagant top-five with 136,982 vehicles. The top-selling models were the X3 and X5 crossovers, though the 3-Series remained strong with over 41,000 units sold.

BMW X3: Balance Between Price and Comfort

BMW X3 2020The idea of a BMW SUV used to be quite provocative. Many people were sure that the brand that brought the world lithe-handling sport sedans should not create a big-and-tall family hauler. Then again, many people were delighted that they can choose their favorite brand while having the convenience and comfort of an SUV. X3 is a nice luxury SUV and a solid, well-rounded choice. The biggest news for the 2020 model of the X3 is the addition of three new variants, the high-performance X3 M, M Competition, and the impressive xDrive30e plug-in hybrid.

BMW X5: Luxury & Performance

BMW X5The 2020 model of the X5 is great for long drives, vacation rides, and everyday lives. With the greatest and latest from Germany, the SUV is ready to perform any task that a driver might have. It’s powered by the in-line 6-cylinder engine in the xDrive40i. It packs a lot of performance, and it’s coupled with its Dynamic Damper Control that helps to change the suspension settings on the fly. Special sensors monitor the movement of the wheels over 400 times per second, and they can easily adjust the shock absorbers to give the driver the best possible handling as well as a smooth ride.

it’s safe to say that most American drivers in 2020 have chosen BMW as their daily vehicle because the German vehicle manufacturer knows who to strike the right balance between comfort, performance, and value.

Volkswagen Patented the e-Beetle, Will We Get a New Version in the Future?

People have been asking Volkswagen to create an EV Beetle for years, but the German car manufacturer seems unwilling to bow to those demands. However, after it was discovered that VW has trademarked the ‘e-Beetle,’ will people finally get what they have been hoping for?

Working on Electric Vehicles

It’s understood that Volkswagen has at least three electric vehicles in the works. The car giant is looking at bringing a compact, a crossover, and the classic Microbus back in electronic form. However, there is one famous VW vehicle that people have been desperate for the manufacturer to convert to electric, the Beetle, otherwise known as the Bug.

A Volkswagen forum, VWIDTalk, recently trawled through submissions at the patent office and discovered VW had a few new entries. Those included patents for the models, e-Golf classic, e-Karmann, and the e-Beetle. So, is it finally happening and VW is bringing the Beetle back to life?

What VW Said

When asked about the e-Beetle patent by Autoweek, a VW spokesperson said people “shouldn’t read too much into it.” The company explained that it creates patents for a whole variety of reasons, and that it might not be bringing the Beetle back to life in EV form. Volkswagen may have just submitted the trademark to protect it from being taken by another company in the future with no intent on actually manufacturing the range.

There is a lot of demand for the e-Beetle, but VW appears concerned about damaging the legacy of the legendary car. People are clamoring for an electronic version of the retro vehicle, and eventually, the manufacturer might see the positives rather than the negatives, that the e-Beetle could bring.

People will have to continue to wait patiently for Volkswagen to make the e-Beetle. We may see an electronic version of the classic car in the future, but VW certainly isn’t in a rush to reproduce it anytime soon.