Car Care Tips for When a Vehicle Is Not Being Used

Car Care Tips for When a Vehicle Is Not Being Used

By now, it’s difficult to escape the consequences of the times we live in. More and more state and local authorities tell everyone to stay at their homes. Traffic has declined to the point where there is a fall in air pollution over cities all over the world as more individuals give up their daily school runs and commutes. The following tips are handy for those who are interested in car care and want to keep their vehicles in top condition while staying at home.

Car Care Tips

1. Drive Your Car at Least 20 Minutes, Once a Week

Car Care Tips for When a Vehicle Is Not Being Used

The most challenging thing is keeping your vehicle’s 12-volt battery from dying. Getting your car moving will help more than just the battery. Fluids, lubricants, and oils will circulate the bits that need them. Brakes will, too, shed their surface rust. Driving your vehicle for at least 20 minutes weekly is more than enough to keep it in good condition. However, don’t forget to disinfect the interior and the door handles.

2. Consider Giving Your Car a Good Clean

Car Care Tips for When a Vehicle Is Not Being Used

Keeping the exterior of your car clean is a crucial part of protecting the paintwork. However, you should not forget about the inside, mainly since it contains most of the surfaces you touch. It’s the perfect time to give the interior of your vehicle a bit of decontamination. Mix up your ethanol solution and use a clean microfiber cloth as well as a spray bottle to clean all the surfaces. After this, don’t forget to wash the microfiber cloth too.

3. Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Storage

Car Care Tips for When a Vehicle Is Not Being Used

If you think you definitely won’t be driving your vehicle for many weeks, there are many simple steps you can take to mothball it for a while. Give your vehicle a good clean inside and out, and after this, put a waterproof cover on your car if you want to store it outdoors. If you are parking a vehicle for more than a month, you don’t have to worry about running it once a week. You can use a battery tender to trickle-charge it.

A.J. Allmendinger Bags His Second Career NASCAR Cup Series Victory

A.J. Allmendinger has found himself again in the victory lane, after 7 years since his first career NASCAR Cup Series win in 2014 at the Watkins Glen International. In the recent inaugural Cup Series race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course, Allmendinger inherited the lead position after a breakthrough performance. There are also several other big winners throughout the field, particularly pertaining to this year’s playoffs.

The Race and Allmendinger’s Victory

Following an overtime restart, Allmendinger finally bagged the title, after rookie Chase Briscoe spun out Denny Hamlin from the leading position, during the penultimate lap. Even though he gave the lead back to Hamlin, Briscoe had been penalized for short-cutting the track in turns 1 and 2. But, unaware of being given a penalty, Briscoe thought he was racing for the win. This debacle paved the winning way for Allmendinger. Ultimately, Hamlin and Briscoe finished in 23rd and 26th place respectively.

Other Wins and the Playoffs Equation

A total of 13 different drivers won at least one of the season’s first 23 races entering the inaugural race. This left the entry opportunity open for 16 different winners in the remaining three regular-season races. As the regular-season champion, Hamlin potentially had guaranteed himself a playoff berth, even without a win. His position had created a critical situation, in which only 16 playoff spots would be offered to the 17 eligible drivers. As a result, the winner with the lowest point standings wouldn’t be given entry into the playoffs.

Change in Scenario

After the inaugural races, Stewart-Haas Racing’s Aric Almirola and Front Row Motorsports’ Michael McDowell, are officially locked into the playoffs, being the two drivers with the lowest point standings. After trailing by triple digits earlier in the year, Larson is now leading Hamlin by 22 points. Here the extra 5 playoff points gained by the regular-season champion, could prove crucial for both drivers. But for now, Hamlin is still a big winner despite his disastrous finish in the last race.