Limited Edition Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution Mode Will Blow Your Mind

After not being able to stand on its promise of delivering the fastest production automobile in the world, the Texas-based business, Hennessey, is introducing an even more complex version of its Venom F5. Although the company hasn’t made any big promises and claims this time, this one will definitely be slower at speed than the F5 version already available in the market. Let’s find out why.

The Hennessey Venom F5 Model

The Revolution’s top speed has not been specified by Hennessey, but they are aiming for over 311 mph. That’s because the Revolution has significant aerodynamic changes that are supposed to significantly boost its peak downforce capabilities. With its decorative stars-and-stripes endplates, the new adjustable rear wing is said to be capable of producing over 800 pounds of positive aero assistance at 186 mph and over 1400 pounds at 249 mph. This F5 revolution would actually be fulfilling Hennessey’s promise of a track pack with a higher rear wing. The company has decided to produce only 24 F5 Revolutions that will be available at a cost of $2.5 million. The short supply of the car makes them even more desirable.


The fact that the Revolution sports front and rear diffusers of a sizable amount suggests that the total figure will be considerably more astounding. To help shift the aerodynamic balance forward, the front bumper also features dive-plane components. Although they haven’t really made any changes to the power, the 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged pushrod V-8 engine will be used that powers other F5s. It is mid-mounted and produces 1193 pound-feet of maximum torque at 5500 rpm. A limited-slip differential and an automatic single-clutch transmission will work together to provide power to the rear wheels. Additionally, this model is way lighter than the previous ones, almost by 3000 pounds. Also, more aggressive suspension settings that are intended for use on tougher tracks are promised.

The Mayo Clinic in Florida Finds A Helpful Way to Use Self-Driving Cars

According to NAVYA, the future is both autonomous and electric. This is what the French company’s self-driving vehicles are all about. It’s clear that using electric propulsion reduces CO2 emissions and it’s also believed that autonomous driving should reduce traffic congestion. It could also be an innovative way to have more efficient public transportation.

NAVYA's self-driving in Florida
The Mayo Clinic in Florida Finds A Helpful Way to Use Self-Driving Cars

How Do The Self-Driving Vehicles Work

Navya’s vehicles are considered to be at Level 4 capability as they operate in self-driving mode within a limited area, known as geo-fencing. The French company says its vehicles have been designed for “last mile” travel, i.e. the final leg of a trip. This is typically between a transport hub and the final destination – for example, between a public bus/train station and a rider’s home. One service is already up and running in Paris between the Réseau Express Régional train station and Charles de Gaulle Airport.

NAVYA - Automated Public Transportation
The Mayo Clinic in Florida Finds A Helpful Way to Use Self-Driving Cars

Navya’s Autonom Cab is also being used in trials at the University of Michigan and in Las Vegas. There are many similar trials all over the globe, which will likely be turned into actual services eventually – or even in the near future.

Great for Moving Medical Supplies

At the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, four self-driving NAVYA shuttles are being used to move medical supplies from a drive-through testing site to a nearby laboratory. Jane Hata, director of clinical microbiology laboratory at the Mayo Clinic says that using self-driving vehicles to transport the specimens is an “absolutely brilliant” idea.

Nurse and the self-driving NAVYA
The Mayo Clinic in Florida Finds A Helpful Way to Use Self-Driving Cars

Because there is already an established route for transit with very little traffic, this is the perfect test bed for using autonomous vehicles for such purposes.

There is no doubt that NAVYA is already making an international impact and its cross-cutting team of professionals is looking forward to making that impact even bigger. The company is offering new mobility solutions that are more intelligent and more fluid.