The Hyundai Veloster N Gets an Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission

It’s been confirmed by Hyundai’s N performance division, that the Veloster N will gain an automatic transmission soon. The powerful hatchback was available as a manual-only car before, but it will soon have an automatic eight-speed dual-clutch. Hyundai will add this new transmission option and will also place paddle shifters, as well as a feature they call “Grin Shift.” Rumor has it, the name of the feature was chosen because it makes the driver smile while using it!

The Hyundai Veloster N Gets an Eight-speed Dual-clutch Transmission
The Hyundai Veloster N Gets an Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission

An Eight-speed Dual-clutch Transmission and Paddle Shifters

The company shared some details about their upcoming automatic transmission hatchback, pointing out it will have an eight-speed dual-clutch and that it will be coming soon. The new transmission will be based on an eight-speed dual-clutch unit that experts assume is the same as the transmission that’s being used for the Sonata N-Line, which is also expected in the near future.

Hyundai’s Instagram post shows that there will be paddle shifters on the steering wheel and a great-looking shift knob. The board will also have a special display in the gauge cluster that reveals what Hyundai calls a “Grin Shift” mode. Although it’s still unclear what exactly that means, it sure sounds fun! The teaser reveals that there are light-up seat inserts which look quite interesting and may just be a new option for people interested in purchasing the Veloster N.

Hyundai Veloster N's Interior
The Hyundai Veloster N Gets an Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission

The Dual-clutch Transmission Should Improve Acceleration

Hyundai’s Veloster N has a sole engine option: its turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four comes with 250 horsepower, or there’s a more impressive 275 horsepower for the Performance package available as well. The new dual-clutch transmission is expected to help improve the acceleration when compared to the manual transmission. During testing, the manual Veloster N did zero to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds.

Enthusiasts are looking forward to learning more about the new dual-clutch model and its capabilities. It is expected to be available for the 2021 Veloster N and this version should be in the U.S. later this year.

Ex-F1 Driver Jaime Alguersuari Is Set to Make a Return In Kart Racing

It looks like the former Formula 1 driver, Jaime Alguersuari, is planning his comeback to the motorsport scene. The catch is that this time, he will be driving in the Karting World Championship. Apparently, he will join the KZ shifter division.

Jaime Alguersuari Will Race Karts Six Years After Retiring from F1 at Age 25

Ex-F1 Driver Jaime Alguersuari Is Set to Make a Return In Kart Racing Jaime Alguersuari and his teammate Sebastian Buemi dropped from the junior Red Bull team in 2011, making way for Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo. After that, Alguersuari spent two years as a Pirelli F1 tester, racing for Virgin Racing in the inaugural season of Formula E. He then announced his retirement in 2015.

The Spanish racer is currently working as a professional musician with the stage name Squire. Even so, he has been testing karts to fill his free time because he is currently unable to tour or go to festivals.

Back in 2013, Jaime Alguersuari Finished Ninth at the KZ World Championship

Jaime Alguersuari Wins the Felipe Massa's Annual Karting Event, 2011 Having been a part of other karting races, Jaime Alguersuari plans to return to the discipline for this year’s world championship Kristianstad event that is set for September. The 30-year-old explained that he has a different view of racing now compared to when he was 20. He added that he hoped the comeback would help him to close his emotional circle.

It seems the racer has been testing go-karts for some time, and he recently said in an interview that he was having sensations that he had not felt for a long time. He remarked that when he started racing, he was smiling inside his helmet because he was driving for pure love. This gave the professional driver the idea that if he returned to kart racing, he would then be in a situation that is competitive and felt like an inspiration to his life.

Alguersuari shared how he struggled a lot after he left Formula 1. At first, he did not want to hear a word regarding racing, nor did he watch any F1 because he was having a difficult time accepting what had happened. Still, Alguersuari stressed that he does not yet have specific goals other than to have fun.