A New Luxury Bentley In the Works is Great News for Car Enthusiasts

After announcing the cancelation of the Mulsanne, Bentley decided to work on releasing a new luxury model that can fill in the space that is currently held by its arguably most luxurious sedan. Their CEO has confirmed that the Mulsanne won’t be replaced by another sedan.

So what’s in store for all car-lovers? It’s likely to be a luxury hybrid SUV! The company is determined to fill in that vacant spot with an excellent vehicle that will appeal to a wider scope of buyers.

Bentley Emblem
A New Luxury Bentley In the Works is Great News for Car Enthusiasts

A New Model to Fill in for the Mulsanne

Following the retirement of the Bentley Mulsanne, the British brand had the opportunity to replace it with a new and exciting model. Although there are no specifics as of yet, the chairman and CEO of the company, Adrian Hallmark, stated that serious thought is being given to launching a new SUV. He explains that the global four-door sales have been dwindling over the course of the last 20 years, making it unjustifiable to invest in developing a direct replacement for the sedan. As always, the company has great plans for change and modernization, and the development of a new model.

The New Bentley
A New Luxury Bentley In the Works is Great News for Car Enthusiasts

What Bentley Is Planning

The CEO explained that, based on last year’s sales and other important marketing factors, it became apparent that both premium and luxury- car buyers are more drawn to buying SUVs than sports cars at this time. Developing another sedan or sports car that will meet technological, emissions, and crash requirements is just as costly as developing a vehicle that will appeal to a wider range of buyers.

That’s part of why the company is thinking of developing an SUV instead.

The new Bentley model will be launched after the company’s first purely electric vehicle, which is expected in 2025. The company plans to phase out the W-12 engine soon and provide a hybrid option for every model by 2023.

James Bond Will Once Again Ride In His Aston Martin DB5

James Bond is the ultimate spy. Not only does he have all of the gadgets, travel the world, and get the girl, but he also drives some of the best cars. Thanks to the latest trailer for the upcoming ‘No Time To Die,’ it looks like James Bond will once again ride in his Aston Martin DB5.

The Iconic Bond Car

When it comes to the James Bond franchise, the cars are just as memorable as the actors who portray him. His most iconic car is the Aston Martin DB5, which first appeared in ‘Goldfinger’ back in 1964. Since then, it has made a few appearances in the franchise, and we are getting another peek at the vintage beauty in ‘No Time To Die,’ the latest Bond movie.

The List Of Gadgets

Bond has always been known for his gadgets, and his DB5 didn’t disappoint in ‘Goldfinger.’ We first got to see the car’s gadgets on display during Bond’s briefing with Q and later in the film.

The British spy had revolving number plates, a GPS console, tire slashers, and a smokescreen at the touch of a button. That wasn’t all though, Bond used an oil slick, ejector seat, bulletproof windows, and front-mounted machine guns to great effect. Now that classic car is making a comeback, and we hope some of those old gadgets get used once more in the latest Bond movie.

Looking Battered

Although Bond always survives, the same can’t be said for his cars. Somehow the Aston Martin DB5 has made it over 50 years, but there are signs of wear and tear in the latest movie trailer. Bond’s BD5 is riddled with bullets, and the latest trailer teases some machine-gun fire from that iconic spy car.

The world is waiting with anticipation for the latest James Bond movie, and with a release date of November 2020, the wait is almost over.