Maserati Stays True To Italian Roots With Slick-Looking Levante

Maserati knew exactly what it was doing when it released its very first SUV – the Levante. Staying true to its Italian roots is what made it become the highest-selling car in the company’s history.


What makes the new Maserati so special is its desire to hark back to what made the car brand unique in the first place; its traditions and culture. “We have a strong heritage, a strong cultural tradition,” chief exterior designer Giovanni Ribotta said. “We are Italian, we are Maserati. We know who we are.”

The following three words best describe who they are: “elegance, sportiness, functionality.” These words were used by chief designer Elisa Nuzzo. “The sportiness is not too bold,” she said. “It is a sportiness that is refined, that is pure.”

The Maserati Levante does this through its impressive interior, including features such as keyless entry, cruise control, dual-zone climate control. However, it’s the seats that are its true selling point – with the ability to move in 12 different ways.

maserati 1

After a cool little partnership with fellow Italian company Ermenegildo Zegna, there is a silky finish to the car’s interior. “We started working together in 2013, before the centennial of our brand,” Ribotta said. “It was a unique moment to remind the world who we are, and where we are going. We took the opportunity to celebrate.”

That’s not all though. The interior is also blessed with the soft leather material, as well as a steering wheel that is also covered in leather. With an old world clock on the dashboard, this car is actually quite nostalgic.

Have no fear though, there is plenty of room for personalization when selecting your version of the Levante. 13 colors are available for the car’s exterior, as well as a staggering 26 color combinations for the interior!

maserati 2

However, Elisa Nuzzo has her own recommendations on behalf of Maserati. “Black goes with everything. Tan goes with luxury. Red is a signature for sport,” she said.