The New Lamborghini Has the Most Powerful V12 Engine Ever

Lamborghini has been known for making amazing driving machines for decades, but it seems the Italian car manufacturer has gone bigger than ever. The latest Lamborghini is bringing the car manufacturer’s most powerful V12 engine ever to the track in the near future.

The New Lamborghini Has the Most Powerful V12 Engine Ever

Keeping the Details Quiet

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the latest Lamborghini SCV12, but the one thing we do know is how powerful the engine will be. Lamborghini’s Squadra Corse is a limited-edition track-only supercar that will be taking pole position when it begins racing later in the year. With the car manufacturer vowing to keep details about the SCV12 close to its chest, the only thing known about it is the engine power. Lamborghini estimates that the SCV12’s engine will produce 830hp.

Unlocking True Power

Lamborghini has developed the SCV12 in cooperation with its motorsport division, and it’s expected to have a higher downforce than a GT3 car. Coupling the car’s downforce and aerodynamic capabilities is one of the main reasons why the car will be so powerful. The SCV12 has an extra-long hood with two air intakes, all directing the airflow into the inflow scoop on the roof. Lamborghini explained that the car is capable of hitting over 830hp “thanks to the aerodynamic supercharging at high speed.”

The New Lamborghini Has the Most Powerful V12 Engine Ever

Keeping It Under Wraps

The exotic car manufacturer recently announced it would no longer be attending large car shows. Instead, Lamborghini wants to focus on small and more personable events, which is what it believes its customers prefer. In keeping with that exclusive mentality, the SCV12’s bodywork is also a closely-guarded secret with camouflaged images being the only ones we have seen so far.

With Lamborghini blowing most of the competition out of the water when it comes to style, what’s under the hood is also a monster. This new SCV12 is set to get driver’s pulses racing when it hits the track.