Renault Is Eyeing the U.S. Market With Two New Alpine EV Crossovers

Renault is bringing back its Alpine brand with a bang! Revived in 2017 by the luxury automaker company, the brand is now eyeing big for both European and U.S. markets in the upcoming years, by setting a huge goal of reaching over 150,000 annual sales by the coming 2030. The company has recently unfolded its significant plans to achieve the milestone.

The New Ventures

As part of its new planning, Renault Alpine is targeting to launch a pair of EV crossovers for the U.S. market by 2027-2028. During the recent 2022 Paris Auto Show, the company unveiled the concept of Alpine Alpenglow, one of the possible electric crossover models. Laurent Rossi, the company’s CEO, compared these two upcoming crossover EVs to the Cayenne Coupe and the Porsche Macan, in terms of their positioning in the market. Alpine is also bringing three cars in near future for Europe, including a performance variant of the upcoming EV Renault 5 hatch and an EV version of the A110 sports car.

The History and Evolution

Founded in 1955, Alpine rose to prominence during the 1970s, after Renault acquired the company. The A110 sports car scooped up multiple rally victories and triumphed at Le Mans in 1978. Decades later, the company revived the brand as a part of Groupe Renault in 2017 by launching a new lightweight version of the A110. This agile sports car has remained somewhat of a forbidden fruit in the U.S.! But now, Alpine is about to bring it back within this decade. As per Rossi, the model is being developed with the U.S. market in mind, which makes the model more alluring and lucrative. Though, as an unfortunate turn for the original A110-lovers, the future US-bound lineup of Renault Alpine won’t include any low-slung sports car. Rather the two new models will be a larger EV SUV and a mid-size electric crossover.