Toyota, Suzuki, and Daihatsu Have Joined Forces to Build an All-New Sports Car

Various rumors have been swirling around after an article was published in the Japanese magazine, Best Car, about the newest lightweight sports car, which Toyota, Suzuki, and Daihatsu brands are manufacturing. Toyota plays the role of making the vehicle small and as light as possible, Suzuki’s turbocharged 1.0-liter engine will power the car, and Daihatsu will help design the car’s elements. While nothing has been officially announced, we might soon be introduced to the magical successor of the mid-engine Toyota MR2.

The Lightweight Toyota Car

With no name yet revealed for the latest Toyota-Suzuki-Daihatsu, the sports car is expected to be light, weighing around 2204 pounds only. Compared with the Mazda Miata, weighing 2345 pounds, and Toyota GR86, weighing 2838, the new Toyota is undoubtedly the lightest considered vehicle. And, with its tiniest engine supposedly being built by Suzuki, like half the displacement of a soda bottle, the three-pot engine wouldn’t be the most powerful as it may produce just 120 horsepower and 147 pound-feet of torque. The car’s overall length would be 165.3 inches with a 100-inch wheelbase. As per reports, the automobile could share a few parts with the Toyota Yaris, including its front suspension, and using these pre-existing elements might make the car much more affordable. It is also believed to be priced between $16,000 to $20,000.

The Dreamiest Sports Car

It’s not possible at this point to know what the car would look like, although it is highly likely that the new Toyota will look similar in size to the Mazda Miata(MX5). Moreover, in December 2021, the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota revealed an exciting sports car concept based on mid-engined and compact. The idea also involved various GR badges, highlighting that Gazoo Racing played a significant part in its creation.We might not see the car for at least a year or two, but everyone’s excited about this incredible partnership between three exceptional automobile brands.

The Launch of Rivian’s Electric Truck Has Been Delayed for 2021

Rivian - an electric truck startup
The Launch of Rivian’s Electric Truck Has Been Delayed for 2021

Rivian, which is an electric truck startup, will have to wait until 2021 to begin the production of its new vehicle. The automaker is gearing up to offer an electric truck and SUV that will stand out with high performance and most likely high prices. They were planning to roll off the line in a converted Mitsubishi plant in late 2020, but the massive project grounded to a halt in the wake of the recent crisis worldwide.

Rivian’s Electric Truck Production Will Be Delayed Temporarily

Rivian was planning to make deliveries of pre-ordered SUVs and trucks, but their facility has been placed under a temporary shutdown. This will delay both the construction process and the launch date to 2021. While other automakers in the US have stopped making vehicles and converted to making ventilators, Rivian has remained sidelined with a large portion of its workers staying idle.

Rivian's Electric Truck Production Will Be Delayed Temporarily
The Launch of Rivian’s Electric Truck Has Been Delayed for 2021

The Startup’s Employees Will Get Full Paychecks

Rivian was expecting to hire thousands of employees for its Normal plant, found near Chicago, but it now keeps a skeleton maintenance crew after it sent its workers home. Rivian leadership said that all its employees and even the hourly workers will still get their full paychecks. That is in contrast with Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant, where the Lincoln Aviator, Ford Explorer, and Police Interceptor SUVs are made. There, around 5,600 workers were laid off with some workers receiving roughly 75% of their pay.

Meanwhile, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has closed its Belvidere Assembly Plant temporarily, laying off nearly 3,800 workers for the period until production resumes. FCA plans to gradually restart its Canadian and U.S. manufacturing at the start of May.

Because of the delays, Rivian sent an email to all its customers who have pre-ordered the electric truck or SUV, explaining in detail how the shutdown will cause some level of delay. Rivian still vowed to try and minimize the disruption that the situation causes to the launch schedule, and included a video that shows the progress that is being made on the plant right before the shutdown.