Travis Scott’s New ‘Snakeskin’ Nike Sneakers & Modified Lamborghini

While 2020 might have been harsh for some, it’s been a blessed year for Travis Scott. The Houston artist had collaborations with fast-food chain McDonald’s, the sportswear giant Nike, and the massive multiplayer video game Fortnite. He also released chart-topping singles and co-produced the soundtrack for the film Tenet by Christopher Nolan, starred Matthew M. William’s debut collection for Givenchy, alongside partner Kylie Jenner. It seems like things are going well for Travis.

Travis Scott PortraitJacques Webster, who’s known professionally as Travis Scott celebrated his bumper year with a double flex worthy of the gods: a pair of archival Supreme x Nike sneakers and a highly customized Lamborghini Urus.

Travis Scott’s New Sneakers

They are Supreme x Nike SB Blazers from 2006, and they feature a quilted texture, a snakeskin effect Nike ‘swoosh,’ and a golden swing tag beautifying the heel. Anything that Supreme attracts hype and the high price tag, and these 14-year old sneakers are surely no exception: some sizes cost over $2,000.

Travis Scott’s Urus

Travis Scott & his modified Lamborghini It’s all about collaborations with Travis Scott, and the Urus model by Lamborghini is no different. First modified by Mansory in Germany, he also took his $400,000 Italian SUV to West Coast Customs, a famous Californian garage. They have spruced up the car in Scott’s favorite color, mocha brown. It’s a color scheme in which he painted all his vehicles, including his Mercedes Maybach G650, Range Rover, and Lamborghini Aventador. Mansory is known for its love of carbon fiber and outlandish modifications. There, he chose the ‘Venatus Evo’ customization package, which cost an additional $556,800 on top of the already pricey Urus. It seems, though, that this is not enough for the famous rapper.

The black carbon fiber and white rims that contrast with the brown bring to mind Scott’s collaborative Nike Air Jordan 1s, which also cost $2,000.

Scott is currently working on his upcoming fourth studio album Utopia, which is due for 2021. He recently released two singles from the album, Franchise, featuring Young Thug and M.I.A., and Highest in the Room.

A Sneak Peek at Alonso’s 2020 Indy 500 Car

Fernando Alonso is once again taking his considerable racing talents to the Indy 500 in 2020. He will be competing in an all-new Indy car, and here is a sneak peek at what the legendary Formula 1 racer will be driving.

A Sneak Peek at Alonso’s 2020 Indy 500 Car

The Enigma

From the moment he stepped foot into Formula 1, Fernando Alonso proved to be an enigma. He didn’t drive like anybody else, yet his skills behind the wheel could never be doubted. Alonso teamed up with McLaren during his F1 career, and when he stepped away from the sport, he didn’t step away from his team.

In 2017 Alonso was part of the McLaren Indy Car team that came oh, so close to taking the crown. His 2019 attempt was one to forget about, however, with Alonso failing to qualify. Alonso will be hoping his 2020 Indy 500 race is much better with his new car separating him from the competition.

A Sneak Peek at Alonso’s 2020 Indy 500 Car

Aiming for the Triple Crown

The Indy 500 is the final piece of the motor racing Triple Crown for Alonso, and this is his new ride for 2020. Alonso’s car will differ from his teammates as he won’t be sporting orange and black, but a white and green paint job. The Spanish driver’s own lifestyle brand, Kimoa, will adorn the car powered by a Chevy engine.

With different liveries from his teammates, this car will ensure that Alonso stands out on the track, no matter what position he finds himself in. Alonso proved in 2017 he has the skills to compete for the crown, and we expect him to fight tooth-and-nail for the win.

Fernando Alonso is bringing a wealth of racing experience to the 2020 Indy 500, and he will be hoping he fares much better than last year. With Alonso as part of the McLaren team for 2020, the British racing franchise will be hoping to have turned a corner in its fortunes.