Amazon Plans to Extend the Destinations of Its Rivian Electric Vans

Amazon is already in a Christmas mood! The retail-delivery giant is expanding its fleet of Rivian electric vans to cater to more customers this holiday season. Launched in July, these electric delivery vans started to deliver packages in a few selected dozen cities. According to the online sales giant, over 1,000 Rivian vans have delivered over 5 million packages to Amazon customers since July, and the network is already growing in more than 100 cities across the USA.

The Expansion

According to the latest news, Amazon has placed a huge order with Rivian for 100,000 delivery EVs, hoping to achieve the figure by 2030. By the end of this year, the online retailer is planning to run multiple thousands of delivery vans on USA roads. The uptick of this whole endeavor is that, alongside expanding the size of its Rivian van fleet, the company is also extending its reach. A few of the new cities to receive these Amazon delivery vans on their streets are Boston, Austin, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Newark, Madison, Oakland, New York, Portland, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, and Provo.

The Fleet

Rivian electric vans are perfect as climate-friendly vehicles for Amazon and other similar last-mile delivery companies. These quiet and energy-efficient vans are usefully built with a much lower driver area and floor, ensuring easy loading. Amazon has already pumped a lot of money into Rivian over the last few years, led by a whopping $700 million investment back in 2019. The new order for more vans has inevitably included a larger budget, especially to get it market-ready by the next eight years. These delivery vans are custom-made exclusively for Amazon, though Rivian offers a similar-looking delivery van on its official website. The current Amazon delivery fleet, running on USA streets, also includes Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. But the distinctive-looking Rivian-built EV promises to be a game-changer for the online delivery company.

Cars Formed a Long Line to Honor the 101st Birthday of а WWII Veteran

Cars Formed a Long Line to Honor the 101st Birthday of а WWII Veteran

Although Alan Cameron, a World War II veteran, had to celebrate his 101st birthday in the times of social distancing, he was not alone for the event. After his birthday passed on Sunday, the next Monday, dozens of vehicles paraded by his home to salute Cameron and wish him well. He, his daughter, and the rest of the family were surprised to see so many cars, and at first, had no idea what was going on.

Cars Formed a Long Line to Honor the 101st Birthday of а WWII Veteran

The Police Helped Organize the Procession for the Veteran

The Pearl River Fire Department, the police, and the neighbors all participated to organize the event and honor the veteran. Cameron served in France and when the war was over, he headed to Germany. There, he helped investigate war crimes, and after retiring as a lieutenant colonel, he remained in the Army Reserves.

Cars Formed a Long Line to Honor the 101st Birthday of а WWII Veteran

Later on, Cameron worked in marketing in New York City, promoting brands that no longer exist. Then, he became a real estate agent, worked for several municipalities, and retired in the 1980s. His neighbors consider him an amazing person and an unbelievable gentleman who talks little about his participation in the war.

Alan Cameron Met His Bride-To-Be on a Dance Night

Originally from California, Cameron was stationed at Camp Shanks in New York, where he waited to be shipped out. There, he met Jane Bocket at a dance event and had the chance to communicate with her for around a week. They continued to communicate by mail while Cameron was in Europe, and he vowed to come back and marry Jane after the war, which is exactly what happened.

Although Jane died in 2009, Alan Cameron still lives on Bocket Road, named after her family. He has had health challenges over the years, but his relatives say he’s now doing very well. The old veteran who remains active and alert, was there to appreciate his neighbors’ birthday greetings and the special procession.