The 2022 Audi RS7 Exclusive Edition Is a Must Buy for a Die Hard Fan

How do you make an already high-performance vehicle even better? That’s the question Audi has been tackling with the new 2022 RS7 Exclusive Edition, which boasts incredible performance thanks to new engine tuning and upgraded tires. While these features make the vehicle a pleasure to drive, Audi has added some extra luxuries to take comfort and convenience to the next level. But with production limited to just 23 units, you’ll have to act fast if you want to get your hands on one of these exclusive automobiles.

Under the Hood

Since the Audi RS7 has the same 591 horsepower 4.0 liter twin-turbo V-8 found in standard trim, there isn’t much to report about increased engine performance. However, the front ceramic brakes are slightly larger than the optional discs for the standard trim. Aside from that, the Exclusive Edition RS7 comes with various changes that are more cosmetic than functional.

The Exterior

Audi’s 2022 RS7 Exclusive Edition, according to the brand, features Mamba Black paint with a pearl finish and blue undertones, as well as blacked-out Audi rings and emblems. The Exclusive Edition features 22-inch gloss wheels, blue brake calipers, a front spoiler, a rear diffuser, and mirrors made of carbon fiber, which improve the look and save relatively little

The Interiors

Audi has adorned the Exclusive Edition with a swath of black leather. The door armrests, door panels, center console, and upper dashboard are also leather and are stitched with Sepang blue to match the brake calipers we mentioned earlier. As an added twist, the headliner is made from black Dinamica, a synthetic suede closely related to Alcantara.

The Price

In German sports sedans, if a 2022 Audi RS7 is what you are looking for, you’ll have to dish out at least $165,400 and an as-yet-unknown surcharge (which will vary depending on the dealer), with still-unknown mark-ups on top of that.

Exploring the Sustainability of the New Polestar Precept from Volvo

Polestar is Volvo’s electric-powered performance and sustainable technology brand, and they recently unveiled the new Polestar Precept concept. For those interested in taking a further look into the sustainability of the new vehicle and the concept as a whole, keep reading.

The Polestar Precept
Exploring the Sustainability of the New Polestar Precept from Volvo

The Polestar Precept was originally going to be revealed at the Geneva Autoshow, before it was unfortunately canceled. It is low-hung, has four-seats, and four-doors and it resembles a Swedish version of the Porsche Taycan.

Sustainability and Performance

There are no details on what will power the Precept concept, but so far we know that its architecture will be built based on the new SPA2 vehicle. It will be incorporating a large under-floor battery back and have electric drive motors at both the front and rear axles. There would also be room for a configuration to fit under the Precept’s surface.

The Polestar design chief, Max Missoni, said that it’s time to show just how pure, progressive, and sustainable they want the vehicle to look when compared to the Volvo lineup. Sustainability is important and so is its appearance.

A Modern Design

Precept's Interior & Sustainability
Exploring the Sustainability of the New Polestar Precept from Volvo

There is a panoramic glass roof and no rear windows on the Precept. Missoni and his team rely on rear cameras to improve visibility while maximizing the aerodynamic efficiency. Android powers the Precept’s user interface and it builds on the car’s collaboration with Google. The system is designed to recognize the driver as they approach through the settings and person content on Polestar’s digital key.

The vehicle has a large portrait-oriented 15-inch touch screen in the center of the console along with a 12.5-inch driver display. There are eye-tracking monitors in the system so the information can adjust to where the driver is looking. The information will appear smaller and more detailed when the driver is looking at the display and larger and brighter while only showing vital information when the driver has their eyes on the road.

The sustainability and performance of the Polestar Precept were definitely put to the test by the Volvo brand.