The Correct Way to Carry a Christmas Tree on One’s Car

It’s that time of the year with the snowflakes falling and the air ripe with the scent of cinnamon and cookies. You guessed it — it’s the Christmas season. And we all know how difficult it is to transport a Christmas tree. No matter how much one straps or ties it, it always ends up falling at least once.

The Reports

The ACTA claimed that while prices for fake trees may be higher than anticipated due to shipping challenges, prices for genuine trees have increased as a result of harsh weather occurrences across the U.S. With the prices going up, people will already have to worry about increasing their Christmas budget from last year. We’re sure that on top of that, they don’t want to worry about the additional cost of fixing their car. A study by AAA found that nearly one in five customers who purchase a genuine Christmas tree experienced tree loss while trying to transport it home.

Tips to Safely Export Your Trees

One of the simplest methods for moving a Christmas tree is to secure it to the roof rack with the trunk facing the front of the car. In case one’s car doesn’t have roof rails, they can run the tie-down straps or ropes through the door rather than the windows. If their car is big enough and they don’t mind sweeping up pine needles, they may even put the tree inside. It is advantageous to have the trunk securely fastened, whether it’s on the roof or in the rear seats of the car. One should keep in mind that while using the roof, secure the tree to the vehicle in three places: the front, middle, and back. Avoid utilizing the nylon rope that many tree lots provide, and try to avoid the interstate or driving at high speeds.