The Ford Mustang Goes Rugged with the Mach-E

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic names and models in motoring history. Even though it’s such a classic muscle car, it seems that Ford isn’t afraid to tamper with its image. The Mach-E is the next evolution in Mustangs, and this rugged version of the new crossover is going to divide opinion.

A New Era

Mustang fans may be looking away in horror as their beloved Ford range is undergoing a facelift. Ford clearly felt it needed to take the Mustang in a different direction after announcing plans for the Mach-E. Early images of the Mustang Mach-E made it clear that the classic car is getting a new, taller version. After Ford decided to experiment with the look of the new Mustang, some people on the internet decided to do the same.

Taking the Mustang Off-Road

This rendering of the new Mach-E Mustang was created by Abimelec Design on social media, and it really looks like a beast. Although the electric engine won’t be able to be tuned, there are likely to be a ton of aftermarket products to change the look of the stock version. This imagined version of the Mach-E looks like it’s ready to take the rallying world by storm, and it could drive through fire if it needed to.

Not so Sleek

The initial pictures Ford released of the Mach-E looked like a sleek crossover, but this imagines it as something very different. The widened wheel arches, huge rubber tires, and larger roof spoiler give it a much more rugged feel. Given the Mustang’s reputation for being a white-knuckle ride, versions like these will surely inject some excitement into the series once again.

Some purists will surely look at this and deem it anything but a Ford Mustang. However, it’s also important to move with the times, and these intimidating images capture the spirit of driving the iconic muscle car.

Suzuki Hayabusa vs Snowmobile Is a Weird and Fun Drag Race

Since the invention of cars and motorcycles, drivers have been drag racing them. We can’t say the same about snowmobiles, at least not on asphalt, but it turns out that drag racing ski-doos are a thing. There’s also a Snowmobile Asphalt Drag Racing Association, which holds competitions regularly, and the yellow snowmobile you’ll see below belongs to Brian Lamb, who recently won an MSDRA race. He took his updated 1999 BRP snowmobile to Byron Dragway and raced a Suzuki Hayabusa in a pair of 1/8-mile sprints.

Suzuki Hayabusa vs Snowmobile Is a Weird and Fun Drag RaceProbably the Fastest Snowmobile Ever

This isn’t your typical Ski-Doo, as you might have guessed. It’s been updated to run on asphalt and has a rebuilt engine that’s ready to go quick on the drag strip. The 0.8-liter (49.3-cubic-inch) two-stroke three-cylinder engine runs on racing fuel and nitrous oxide. It’s also impressively quick.

Before taking on the Hayabusa, Brian ran a test 1/8-mile in 6.88 seconds at 95.30 mph (153.37 kph). While this snowmobile competes in quarter-mile races, Byron Dragway was forced to run 1/8-mile races due to strong winds and bush fires in the area.

With a 6.54-second ET in the first race against the Suzuki Hayabusa, the bike wins. In 6.86 seconds, the Ski-Doo crosses the finish line. Given that the Hayabusa’s trap speed was nearly 20 mph (32 kph), the disparity makes sense.

Brian Lamb and his high-performance snowmobileBrian wins the second leg, this time with a 6.63-second sprint at 97.39 mph, which is significantly faster than the first (156.73 kph). The Hayabusa rider completes the 1/8-mile in 7.42 seconds at 84 mph (135.18 kph), but the rider is struggling to keep up with the powerful wind.

Snowmobile Racing Surely Is Worth the Attention

It’s certainly the strangest drag racing video you’ll ever see, but we believe snowmobile asphalt racing deserves a lot more attention than it currently receives. Sure, they’re not as fast as a funny car and top fuel racers, but it’s a sport that everyone can participate in.