Hyundai Is Giving Customers The Blueprints To Build This Vehicle At Home

Let’s face it; many of us have been stuck at home for too long in 2020. Hyundai looks to solve our boredom by giving customers the blueprints to build this vehicle at home.

Looking For A Project

With many people still spending more time at home than they might like, it’s important to have projects that keep us busy. Some people have taken up baking, while others are painting to pass the time. Not everyone feels that artistic, though, and some people like to get their hands dirty and work with cars.

Hyundai has the answer for everyone mechanically-minded after releasing the blueprints to this amazon soapbox car. The South Korean car manufacturer has been bringing sound technology to its customers for years, and it’s time to give something back.

The Downhill Rush

To allow friends and family to spend quality time together, Hyundai released a design blueprint that can be put together using standard building materials. The details are on offer for free and anyone feeling like taking up the project can.

Although it’s not built in compliance with the American Soap Box Derby regulations, it’s still a fun way to spend the time with friends and family. Parents are encouraged to take on the build with their children as only kids can fit inside.

Strategic Approach

Hyundai explained that their approach to building the soapbox was the same as any other car the Korean manufacturer creates. Engineers first designed the chassis before designers sketched the body and created it virtually using a 3D modeling system. While Hyundai’s soapbox is painted yellow to “capture the optimism and joy of childhood,” the company welcomed people getting creative with personalizing however they want.

Hyundai has generously put time and research into making this soapbox car a reality. Amazingly, the company is giving the blueprint away for free in the hopes of spreading joy around the world.

Used Car Prices Higher Than New Car Prices

If you ever step into a car showroom, you will notice that a 2019 Toyota Tacoma would be priced at just about $29,000. However, two years later, there are dealers paying about $1,000 more for the same car, after being used. They are then reselling it to their customers for over $33,0000. This is the crazy world of truck and car sales in the U.S. Why such irregular price ranges? Blame the pandemic that caused a shortage of many things and driven up the prices to unbelievable levels.

Used Vehicles More Expensive Than New Ones

In the past year, used vehicle prices on average have climbed 30%, according to Black Book, which tracks car and truck data. That’s created many crazy situations where high-demand vehicles are selling for more than their original prices when they were new, said Alex Yurchenko, the company’s Senior Vice President of Data Science. He further stated that dealers were paying such high prices because they needed the inventory. The increase in prices of used vehicles shot up by 10% in April and 7.3% more in May. As per, an average second-hand vehicle now costs $26,457.

Reason Behind the Price Hike

Due to the pandemic, automakers had to shut their factories for about eight weeks in order to help curb the spread of coronavirus. This brought production to a halt and limited the inventory of car showrooms. However, the demand remained high and the lack of new vehicles drove people towards used vehicle dealers. And lack of options forced people to pay the high prices too. They did not have a lot of choices.

Back to Normal

However, car companies soon restarted their factories to meet the rising demand for automobiles. This means that used vehicle prices will soon have to push back their prices and go back to their normal rates. With car companies resuming production, dealers will have new inventory to make sales.