Driver’s License Renewal & Registration Time Temporarily Extended

To ensure traffic at the DMV is reduced, most states are extending the expiration time for renewal of licenses and registrations by up to 90 days. Some states are even extending that period for other documents that will expire soon. The idea is to prevent people from visiting the DMV in person, and promote social distancing.

Driver's License Renewal Extended
Driver’s License Renewal & Registration Time Temporarily Extended

License Renewal Extension Information Can Be Found Online

People who need to visit the DMV for exactly these reasons can now check their state’s renewal website and see if they can delay renewing expiring documents. It is crucial for people to check because the extension means you won’t get a ticket and don’t have to go to the DMV.

According to the CDC, gatherings of more than ten people are restricted, and this applies to the hellish waiting area at the DMV. Because of this, state offices are extending expiration dates for license plates, driver’s licenses, and registrations with up to ninety days. This is expected to reduce foot traffic at the DMV significantly.

people waiting DMV
Driver’s License Renewal & Registration Time Temporarily Extended

More States Are Sure to Follow the Practice

States that have waived late penalties for license renewal include New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Maine, Missouri, and Nevada. Other states will probably join that group soon due to the rapidly changing situation. The details, such as the number of days and who qualifies, differ from state to state, which is why checking is important. People can find out more information with the Secretary of State, Department of Motor Vehicles, and DOT offices. Many states also do their license renewal business online, and some may expand that availability for other services.

To reduce person-to-person contact, some states have made timely adjustments to schedules for vehicle inspections, while others are reconsidering those all together. Toll roads have even adopted mail billing to avoid cash collection, and at some locations, those are even toll-free for 30 days.