Mini’s New Infotainment System Takes the Wheel

Mini’s Infotainment System Offers More Than Ever Before

British automobile brand Mini is taking a leap forward with its latest infotainment system. Mini’s new 9.4-inch OLED touchscreen, powered by the Mini Operating System 9, offers a fresh user interface with enhanced features. As enthusiasts eagerly await the 2025 Mini Cooper hatchback, let’s explore the exciting details of this customizable and gaming-friendly infotainment system.

Customizable Quirkiness

The new round OLED touchscreen is designed with a super slim bezel, providing ample space for crisp graphics and animated menus. The screen features static bars for climate controls on its sides, while the lower part contains essential shortcuts and driving information, including a customizable speedometer with a classic design look. Mini offers specific designs for three standard drive modes – Core, Green, and Go-Kart, each tailored to different driving experiences. Additionally, users can select themed modes like Balance, Timeless, and Vivid. The Personal mode allows for custom backgrounds, and the ambient interior lighting matches the chosen picture’s color, adding a touch of personalization to the driving experience. For Mini Countryman models, a Trail mode is available, featuring a digital compass and inclinometer for off-road adventures.

Gaming in a Mini

Gaming in a Mini

Mini’s infotainment system includes the Mini Connected Store, offering a wide array of apps for music streaming, such as Spotify, and video streaming platforms. One exciting addition is AirConsole, an app that enables users to download and play video games, using their smartphones as controllers. However, to ensure safety, gaming is only possible when the vehicle is stationary.

Enhanced Features and AI Capabilities

Mini has also upgraded its cloud-based navigation system, promising quicker and more accurate route calculations. The new voice-recognition software, activated by ‘Hey, Mini,’ offers an expanded selection of controllable functions. Beyond the standard tasks, the car’s artificial intelligence goes the extra mile by sharing jokes and stories to keep drivers entertained during their commutes. Furthermore, Mini Operating System 9 supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless smartphone integration.

Washing More Than 30 Years of Dirt Off a Million-dollar Car

The Bizzarrini P538 was launched late in 1965 as a rear-engined race car by Scuderia Bizzarrini. There were up to 5 of these cars made in the whole world, which makes it a rare find, today. This car is presumed to be a car worth close to a million dollars, depending on its condition.

The Bizzarrini P538 - a million-dollar car
Washing More Than 30 Years of Dirt Off a Million-dollar Car

A Million-Dollar Barn Find

The car was a “barn find” for Ammo NYC who details and restores cars. A “barn find” is a term that is used for finding a vehicle that has been sitting for an extended period of time whether it be months, years, or decades. They can be stored in a barn, field, or warehouses.

Ammo NYC is a company based out of New York that focuses on detailing and detailing products. They have a YouTube page where they often post videos of their detailing projects for their millions of subscribers. The videos typically range from large detailing jobs, car-care tips, and more.

One of Ammo NYC’s latest projects was taking viewers into a secret collection to detail a million-dollar Bizzarrini P538 that has been sitting for more than 30 years. In the building itself, there are hundreds of jaw-dropping vehicles. The building is only one of three for the owner who wished to remain anonymous. From American muscle cars to race cars and even classic Italian exotics.

The Detailing and Restoration Process

Larry Kosilla is the proprietor who takes us through the detailing process of the million-dollar Bizzarrini. Throughout the job, Kosilla gave out tips on how to thoroughly detail the vehicle while still protecting its delicate features.

The Bizzarrini P538 Restoration Process
Washing More Than 30 Years of Dirt Off a Million-dollar Car

The Bizzarini had not been moved or maintained in 32 years, which left a large amount of dust and dirt on it. Kosilla used numerous professional-grade techniques to bring the vehicle back to life and ready to be auctioned or sold by the owner.