3 Tips To Negotiate The Price Of A New Car

Many of us think that negotiating the price of a car is only for secondhand vehicles or secondhand dealers, but you’d be surprised at how much you can get when haggling at a regular dealer as well. Sometimes you can lower the price of your car substantially, and at other times you can increase the number of features you get with your car for the same price!

A lot depends on the dealer, the vehicle, and your tactics. So in order to help you with the process of buying a new car, here are our top three tips for getting more than you bargained for!

Get Ready To Travel

If you live in a town where there are only one or two dealerships, they’re likely to charge a lot more than usual or be a lot harder to negotiate with. In a larger city, where dealers are used to higher levels of traffic, you’ll be able to strike a deal with them more easily. They’re also used to negotiating and therefore have a slightly larger margin with which to work with. Make the journey and save big!

Timing is Key

One of the most important things to do when shopping for a new car is your homework. You need to know about the features of the car(s) you want, what the jargon means, and how to increase your negotiating abilities. But you also have to pay attention to your timing – which is crucial in the car market. Usually, around and March and September respectively, sales tend to slow down, which means that deals are easier to come by and dealers are more likely to negotiate better terms for a sale. Also, pay attention to specific dealership sales and holidays like Black Friday in order to find even better bargains for your buck.

Consider Finance, Not Cash – Sometimes

This one is pretty subjective, as sometimes a dealer is more likely to offer you a better price if you propose a cash payment for the full amount offered. However, even if you have the money available to pay for the car in full, it could work out to be a little easier to finance a better deal with monthly installments, granted that the interest on the payments isn’t too high. So when you’re shopping around, consider comparing different financing plans against cash price benefits.

People Share Unthinkable Situations They Were Expected to Work Through

Reading through these tweets, they may sound absurd, but it would appear that crazy situations and work are not mutually exclusive. It can, unfortunately, happen to anyone of us and at any point in our lives.

Health Practices and Standards

All foods have the potential to cause illness, and milk products are no exception! In a factory that processes dairy products, we’d expect there to be a standard or code that regulates safe products, right? Well, not in this case. This employee should have reported his manager to the health authorities right away!

Health Practices and Standards

Uh, Yes…

For most of us, losing a grandparent means losing a very special member of the family. Even though death is a natural part of life, it can feel like a shock when it happens. Processing these feelings takes time, but that means you will have to get bereavement leave from your employer. In this case, Jorden never expected that on top of his grandmother’s death, he would have to explain to his employer, that “yes, going to the burial is important!”

Uh, Yes…

Keeping Up With the News

Keeping up with current events is very important for many reasons, for one, staying informed about current events will also help you feel more empowered throughout your day-to-day life. They say it’s essential to stay informed about current events by watching or reading the news. Sometimes, however, the news can seem more like a distraction than a productive endeavor, and this manager would not have any waffling around on his watch! But he was misinformed and later that night became well versed with the events that took place.

Keeping Up With the News

Should She Stay or Should She Go?

This post is as heartbreaking as it is maddening! Going through a miscarriage is a terrible experience and not something Maisha had any control over. But having her employer react this way is quite disturbing. All we can say is good for Maisha for never going back. Quitting her job and looking for a new job is better than working under such conditions. It’s clear in this case that working under this kind of employer she would have had a lot more cons than pros.

Should She Stay or Should She Go?


The fact that this happened during work would mean it should be regarded as a workman’s compensation, but it sure sounds like Lachlan’s manager has a serious case of paranoia. When one of his employees collapsed while at work, his first response should not be “he’s faking it!” And follow him to the hospital to keep a watchful eye on his movements. This kind of behavior is complete lunacy and this manager may want to have his head checked while he’s at the hospital.


Favoring Oneself

This sounds like a classic case of preferential treatment, preferential towards the boss that is. Also known as favoritism and it happens in the workplace when one person demonstrates preferential treatment to another over all of the other employees for reasons unrelated to performance. Nothing good can really come from unreasonable demands, especially when they become the norm. Leila will forever resent her boss for not letting her see her dying grandfather when her boss could have probably found a different solution when it came to her puppy.


Make no mistake, being a waiter or waitress is hard work. You will have to deal with rude customers, screaming children and people who don’t tip. And stacked on top all of that, Emmeline had to deal with a manager who wouldn’t even pay her after a 9-hour shift! If anyone finds themself in a situation where their manager doesn’t respect their time like this, especially when working under these kinds of conditions, take Emmeline’s advice and never go back!


Volunteer Work

So how do you spot terrible working conditions? We all want the job and make lots of effort when we get one, but your job becomes your worst nightmare when you have to work like this. One way to know for sure is if your employer doesn’t take your personal circumstances into account. Like Sirynum, whose employer genuinely did not care! She even got rebuked! We honestly are at a loss to explain this, especially since she was a volunteer, does this story top the list of crazy working conditions?

Is That Even Legal?

Nat Holmes wasn’t going to let work get in the way of her personal responsibilities, and rightfully so! It’s bizarre that she had to go back to work so soon after giving birth! We are all wondering if that is that even legal?! Technically it isn’t, in the United States, maternity leave is regulated by labor law and requires 12 weeks of unpaid leave annually. Obviously, Nat had no choice but to take her baby with her to work.

Is That Even Legal?

When Tsunamis Strike

We have to wonder, who on Earth would open the school after such a disaster? And what kind of parents on Earth send kids to school the next day after a disaster? Probably parents who don’t have any other option and have to work themselves. This seems to be the cycle perpetuating these unbelievable working standards. If a tsunami is not enough to constitute a national disaster for employers, and they think it’s ok to work the very next day, then they need to sort out their priorities.

When Tsunamis Strike

Get Out

Now this manager sounds a bit looney, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but one thing is for sure, this kind of impaired empathy for someone whose dad had just passed away definitely borders on some sort of personality disorder… And anyone who had a family member pass away knows how difficult it is to work as if nothing has happened. If we could offer any advice to this employee, it would be to get out of that kind of working environment while you can.

Surely This Isn’t Real

Does this boss even know what chemo is? Surely, if he did he wouldn’t even think to yell at his employee for having to go for treatment, it’s not exactly something anyone would choose, but it’s more of a necessity. Having to go through cancer is difficult and stressful enough as it is! Dealing with a boss that is insensitive would be beyond challenging, not to mention having to deal with what comes with chemo itself! Reading these kinds of tweets are absolutely astonishing.

Surely This Isn’t Real

Issues at Work

For some people, leaving their private lives at home and being professional at work is an easy task, but what if your personal problems follow you to work? Like an abusive ex-boyfriend who stalks you while you’re on shift. The most reasonable thing to do here would be for the manager to ask him to leave, keeping her employee safe and not compromising her ability to work, but it seems that would be too much to expect from a manager, maybe her heart is made of glass?

Issues at Work


What is one to do when there is an earthquake at work? We can’t imagine just how traumatic it must be to have to go through that! Earthquakes can cause a lot more damage after they occur, so once it’s over, there may be even more damage to already weakened buildings and roads. In the chaos that happens after an earthquake, many may experience confusion, and it will be difficult for life to go back to normal – like when this company pulled this inexcusable move!



Yikes! Carbon monoxide poisoning sounds really hectic! It’s not something to take lightly, as it can cause death and for those who survive, recovery will be slow. How well a person does depends on the amount and length of exposure to carbon monoxide. Oh and another side-effect, permanent brain damage may occur. It would have been wise to warn his boss of these undesirable effects! If he knew just how harmful it can be, he would most likely have given them the day off!


Power Outage

It would seem that some managers are more concerned about control than productivity, even when there is a power outage. A boss on a power trip like this is never easy to deal with and unfortunately, they’ll put their interests ahead of the common good – whether that means employee morale or the efficiency of the entire organization. “With great power, there must also come great responsibility”, alternatively known as the Peter Parker principle, is a proverb popularized by the Spider-Man comic books written by Stan Lee.

Behind the Scenes

Working in the movie business comes with a lot of pressure, even when working in catering behind the scenes. It seems nothing will stop the show, not even bleeding fingers! Sometimes you have to wrap it up and get through it, right? Nevermind how unhygienic, unsafe or even gross it may be… As with any business, whether it’s show business, catering or even taxidermy – health practices and standards is probably something management wants to keep in mind when someone is bleeding!

Behind the Scenes

Please Stay at Home

We’ve honestly never understood this, if an employee has become sick, it would be in everybody’s best interest that they stay at home and recover. When someone is sick, they’re certainly not going to be as productive at work and they will run the risk of infecting their coworkers. Seeing as pneumonia is quite serious (and contagious,) it’s almost crazy that Annie was expected to come into work the next day, come-on comic book shop, get with the program!

Please Stay at Home

Flying Chairs

Doing the 9-to-5 thing can prove to be challenging when someone is heavily pregnant. Now that they are pregnant, their body has two jobs to do – manage full or part-time employment and grow a baby; both are tiring for different reasons. In this case, Amy’s employer should have thought about doing a risk assessment of her job, for example; are there going to be flying chairs hurled in her direction? If the answer is yes, then her boss probably needs to reassess her working conditions.

Flying Chairs

Music Store Madness

Working in a music store can seem like a dream for some, we would think it could be fun to work in a kind of laid back environment, picking up guitars, strumming throughout the day, while talking shop with your musically inclined coworkers. Of course, reality’s not always as it seems, especially not when in this music store! With freezing temperatures outside and a broken heater, the least one would expect is being allowed to wear coats and gloves!



If we’re fortunate to have never experienced a car accident ourselves, it might be terrifying just to think about it. We might feel shocked, guilty, full of fear, or even angry. Each of these emotions is normal and expected — Symptoms and severity of trauma can vary, but it’s important to note that our behavior may change immediately after a stressful situation. But that doesn’t stop Rosiee’s boss from expecting her to come into work, if a car accident isn’t a reason to get time off, we don’t know what is!

Doctor’s Orders

Being sent home with a doctor’s note would seem like enough to get sick leave from work, right? Well apparently working at this place means that listening to doctor’s orders will get Lucy fired! She was stuck between a rock and a hard place, she had to weigh her options carefully, between going into work sick or navigating through poor office politics, it would seem like too much of an uphill battle. But there is a simpler option: she should ditch her job entirely!

Back to Class

At this point in the article, we are all wondering why do people choose to stay working in these conditions? Are we missing something, or should we do a lengthy investigation in an attempt to salvage some answers? Well, there is a multitude of reasons, and many of them come down to fundamental human needs and dynamics. Two of the main reasons are that people need to work to pay their expenses, or they don’t have the energy to look for a new job.

When Disaster Strikes

Wage-earners, like Kelley, who work in the possible paths of a storm, whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, or a blizzard, face the difficult decision of whether to stay in place or flee. In addition to weighing the costs of leaving, many also have to consider whether closing the store could put their job at risk. So, while having to work while a storm is raging outside, Kelley must have found herself thinking, “is there any sense to this madness?” No, Kelley, it would seem there isn’t!

Disrupting Work

The noise from a construction site is at best inconvenient and annoying, but at worst it’s completely disrupting. If someone works next to a construction site, they’ll know the nightmare that is dealing with the excessive noise. What should one do if the building they’re working in is shaking so much that even their computer is trembling? While there are laws set in place that govern when construction takes place, these don’t help if it’s happening right next to your office.

We Didn’t Start the Fire

In the restaurant business, there are so many risks and unknowns, fire is a liability many chefs and restaurateurs sometimes forget about — until it’s too late. So once a fire has happened, it would be wise to remain closed until the property has been restored. After all, who wants to go to a half-burned down restaurant? If you’re expected to continuing working when half the place is gone, it may be time to accept that quitting could be the best solution.

Lack of Control

So aside from the obvious – that violence in the workplace should never be tolerated – we have to say that this tweet tops our list when it comes to bad working conditions. Not only did Cimmy’s boss intend physical harm by hurling a landline at her (for something that wasn’t her fault) but also threatened her with a bad reference letter, to get her to stay *hint hint* these are some definite signs that it’s time to move on to the next job.

On Her Way to Work

Getting hit by a truck while riding a bicycle sounds excruciatingly painful. And to make matters worse, it happened right before Isabelle was on her way to work… We would all expect a touch of sympathy considering the collision that left her bruised and battered, while her bicycle was a complete mess! If that wasn’t enough, the cops had to drive her to work, proving how serious it was. With all this mounting evidence, we would expect a little more from Applebees!

Working as a Cook

Unless one has worked in a professional kitchen, it’s difficult to understand the chaotic dance of a dinner rush. Staff is expected to perform unimpaired at all times; even if they’re sick, hungover, grieving, or heartbroken. But in a situation like this, when the line cook suffered a heart attack while on the job and CPR had to be performed in the kitchen, it’s clear that the kitchen should have closed, how could anyone be expected to carry on working after what had just happened??

Passing Out While on Shift

Experiencing a syncope episode is no laughing matter. It’s a temporary loss of consciousness usually related to insufficient blood flow to the brain, basically, it meant she passed out as her blood pressure was too low she wasn’t pumping enough oxygen from her heart to the brain. Unfortunately, her manager saw it as her fault and wrote her up because she didn’t finish her shift. Did we miss something here? How could she have been expected to continue working when she lost consciousness?

Insensitive Manager

This story comes from Chachi. She tweeted about a phone company where she used to work, and due to many calls undergoing, she was unable to answer her aunt, who became her legal guardian after her father passed away. As a teenager without a spine, Andrea did it, but it was completely wrong of the manager. This can happen in some places, but remember to always stand your ground.

Not Enough Dishes

Usually, after a breakup, you and your ex take different paths and hopefully never cross those paths again. But for this woman, that was not the case. Her abusive ex started stalking her even at work, which is a popular coffee shop chain, just sitting around in the lobby. As a teenager without a spine, Andrea did it, but it was completely wrong of the manager. This can happen in some places, but remember to always stand your ground.

Cleaning Conditions

The next crazy story comes from someone who was the janitor at an amusement park, a simple summer job. She was asked to clean the bathrooms and other nasty places without any gloves because, as a manager told her, the park was low on supply, and medical staff is a priority. As a teenager without a spine, Andrea did it, but it was completely wrong of the manager. This can happen in some places, but remember to always stand your ground.

Hairy Situation

The worst father award goes to the one who was in charge of Desert Island. While he was working on a construction project, this guy got his hair caught in the hammer drill he was using and had a third of his hair ripped out. You would think that because his dad was his boss he would be able to leave work and get medical attention. But you would be wrong. His dad told him to keep on working. Guess that is one dad who will not be winning the father of the year award.

The Power of Underestimation

The Boston Marathon bombing is an event that cannot be easily forgotten. While at work, Ryan was told by his boss just to turn off the TVs in the office because it could be just another transformer explosion and not to worry. Later on, they found themselves in the office until 7 PM as the whole city went into lockdown while continuing to carry on about the day and work as nothing happened.

Don’t Leave Your Station

While having jobs at food stations or kitchen restaurants, cuts are inevitable and can happen to anyone. JJ worked at one of these food stations, and a knife managed to slip and cut her thumb and nail pretty deeply. Her boss screamed at her for leaving the food station and also accused her of deliberately making the cut worse. Maybe she wanted her to bleed all over the orders or was plain stupid?

Catering Catastrophe

Catering is an important job on a movie set – you can’t have the actors and crew going hungry, right? Well, what if you cut your hand and finger down to the bone? That should get you out of serving duty. If that is what you thought, then you are wrong. This poor guy did exactly that and was told to duct tape his hand and keep working! Wow! Lucky he didn’t cut a vein or artery or this could have gone very differently.

Bath Bombed

If you live in a hot area, you know the importance of having air conditioning installed. This is especially true if you work in a retail store. There is nothing worse than customers being hot while shopping, right? Well… As it turns out, there is something worse, as this employee found out. The store got so hot that the products started to melt, and one of the customers even fainted due to the heat. Luckily, they did not hit their head or hurt themselves on the way down. Needless to say, that store is no longer open. Are we even surprised?

Half Day Only

There is nothing worse than feeling sick… except maybe feeling sick at work. That is why Bibi chose to take sick days and stay home. Unfortunately, her boss didn’t care that she felt sick. He made her come to work, in spite of knowing that she had a tumor. In fact, he threatened that she would lose her job! Well, the joke was on him as she was in so much pain within an hour of arriving that he called an ambulance for her. The bottom line isn’t everything, is it!?


Most of us remember the devastating tsunami that happened in Japan. It must have been so scary and traumatizing for those who experienced it. Molly was understandably upset by the situation. But when her boss asked if she had allergies when she was crying at work the NEXT DAY, it all seemed like a bit much. We have to wonder why the boss of a preschool required teachers to work the day after a natural disaster. And even more so, why that boss expects employees to have no feelings about the trauma. Wow.

Daycare or Don’t Care

As any daycare can attest, taking care of young children can be hard, stressful, and their plight for better working conditions mostly goes unnoticed. When daycare workers have complaints about their jobs, they rarely mention the kids. The real source of their stress is a chronic shortage of respect and dignity. Daycare workers are underappreciated, and as a result, overworked and understaffed. If they are not taken care of by their employers, how can we expect them to take care of the future generation?

Social Graces

Attending a funeral is a somber reality, the ceremony is meant to honor and remember the life of a person who has passed away. In light of this, it may be a very emotional time for those present, so knowing that someone has just been to one we would trust that consideration and respect be extended to those attending one. Obviously, this boss lacks the necessary social graces when dealing with his bereaved employee and could not even comprehend the gravity of Gord’s situation.

Customer Service

If we had to tally the number of hours we have wasted in meetings, we would never know because it would take too long to count! So calling an emergency meeting, in this case, seems a bit excessive, right? As does being retrained while recovering from oral surgery! We can only hope that ‘Sivv!! The Bat’, got her day off after this ordeal because she definitely deserved to recuperate after having to talk with customers while her mouth was still sore.

When There’s A Fire

Keeping calm while there’s a fire in the office building is one thing, but it’s quite another if you’re expected to stay at work, causing you to breathe in hazardous smoke! Seeing as there is such disregard for personal health and safety in this situation, it may be a good indication that she’s working in a toxic environment – both literally and figuratively. Of course, these kinds of working conditions are going to affect your mental health, and after three months, we’re glad to hear that she called it quits!

But Why?

For our last tweet, we do see that not all working conditions are bad. One of Lily’s managers was understanding and sent her home after a PTSD episode but her other manager was of a different mind. Why did her second manager have to be so unsympathetic? It seems we will never know. This entire article summarises what is wrong with the current system, from health violations to the unacceptable treatment of employees and we sincerely hope that none of you find yourselves in these unmanageable situations!