Tesla Wants People to Stop Shooting Videos of Its Car While on Autopilot

Trouble or controversies are not something Tesla has not dealt with before, and this time is no different. The automobile company is back in the limelight for the ongoing debate of how safe and secure is the autopilot mode of Tesla. The evidence against Tesla’s autopilot feature is mounting up incident by incident. The question of whether the car’s driver assist and lane centering feature is really as accurate and sound as the company claims it to be is back on the board.

Tesla Knocked Down a Child-size Mannequin

Recently, a video surfaced online showing how Tesla’s autopilot mode ran over a child-sized mannequin which led to hundreds of questions. Dan O’Dowd, the founder of a company known as Green Hills Software whose software directly competes with that of Tesla, claims that the video is proof of the system’s failure. After the video went viral, Tesla came out in its defense and said that the original video was nothing but a tool to defame its image and should be taken down from all over the Internet. But, it may be too late for the giant this time as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started its investigation and is yet to present the report on the feature; after all, this is not the first incident where a Tesla knocked off a tangible object.

The Video in Question

In the viral video, a Tesla Model 3 with FSD Beta 10.12.2 is seen knocking over a child-sized mannequin in a crosswalk, and the car doesn’t slow down even after it hits the object. After this video, another clip came into the picture, which addresses a similar issue of these autopilot Tesla cars. A lot of Tesla fans recorded videos with their kids to prove that the lane-centering feature and autopilot mode of the car works just fine; thankfully, none of the concerned kids were harmed in any way.

Tesla’s Response to the Video

As per the letter shown by the Washington Post, Tesla has demanded Dan O’Dowd remove those videos as they are derogatory and affect the brand image of the company negatively. The senior director and deputy general counsel of Tesla, Dinna Eskin, has also asked The Dawn Project founder O’Dowd to immediately cease further dissemination of all defamatory information. She has also asked O’Dowd to issue a formal public retraction within 24 hours.

Meet the 1,400 BHP Electric Mustang

Electric cars are definitely the cars of the future, and it seems as though car manufacturers are ramping up their production lines to produce the latest and greatest hybrid and fully-electric cars on a regular basis. Ford is no different, but their newest creation is one of their most unique. This is the 1,4000bhp electric Mustang, and we have a feeling that you’re going to want to say hello…

Meet the 1,400 BHP Electric Mustang

An Old Creation

What’s so amazing about this new electric Mustang is the fact that it’s actually based on an extremely old creation. That’s because Ford built 50 lightweight Mustangs way back in 1968 with the intention of using them within the drag racing circuit. While they were pretty popular back in the day, they soon went out of fashion — until now. Ford has now revived this idea to create an electric Mustang that could be the car of drag racing in the future.

Meet the 1,400 BHP Electric Mustang

The Cobra Jet

These new cars are called Cobra Jets, and there’s no doubt about the fact that they have already caused a bit of a stir with car enthusiasts across the world. Featuring a supercharged V8 engine, this initial prototype comes with a whopping 1,4000 bhp and 1,100lb ft of torque. It has been developed by Ford itself, along with some serious game players in the drag racing world, including Watson Engineering, MLe Racecars, and Cascadia. It’s believed that the car will make its debut later on this year at a specialized drag racing event – and we have a feeling that it will cause a serious stir.

It seems as though everyone is branching into the electric car world, and Ford is no different. This new electric Mustang is sure to make a splash, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this car is going to make a huge difference in the electric realm.