This Ultra Rare Ferrari BBI Was Found in a Barn and Is 1 of 42 Ever Built

For some people, cars are more like art than a simple driving machine, and they should be treated as such. This extremely rare Ferrari BBI wasn’t put on display, but instead had been stashed in a barn for years. Look away now as this ultra-rare Ferrari hasn’t aged well following its years of neglect.

This Ultra Rare Ferrari BBI Was Found in a Barn and Is 1 of 42 Ever Built

1983 Ferrari BBI

The Ferrari BB, or Ferrari Boxer, is an exotic car in production from 1973 to 1983. Even though it was being made by the Italian manufacturer for so long, there were three different variations, and some were more uncommon than others. The Ferrari BBI was one of those rare types thanks to the ‘I’ in its name, which symbolizes a fuel injection.

The final run of these cars was the 512 Ferrari BBI, made in 1983. There were only 2,300 of the 1983 512 Ferrari BB made, and only 200 of those were right-hand drive. To narrow the field even further, only 42 of those were the faster ‘BBI’ models, which brings us to this barn find.

This Ultra Rare Ferrari BBI Was Found in a Barn and Is 1 of 42 Ever Built

Left to Rot

Sadly for this 1 in 42 rare Ferrari, it was neglected for 15 years in a barn somewhere. The outer body of the Ferrari is growing moss and shows some serious signs of rust taking over. Despite having a rough exterior, the interior was in surprisingly good condition. Besides a few mossy patches, the engine also looks good and may run again with a little TLC. The extremely rare car was once owned by a Saudi Prince and in mint condition just 15 years ago, but now it has been left to rot.

There may well be some hope yet for this Ferrari as someone who loves it may come along and rescue it. With just over 6,000 miles on the clock, this car could still be great if the right person chose to restore it to its former glory.

Mick Schumacher Tests Father Michael’s Jordan 191 at Silverstone

It’s been 30 years since Michael Schumacher raced for the first time in F1 at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix.

Getting a Taste of Father’s Machine

Mick Schumacher gave the machine that belonged to his father a trial run. Micheal, who won seven Formula1 championships, had made his debut in the same car in the 1991 Grand Prix. Mick drove that car for a brief period at the Silverstone on Tuesday. The machine was a green-liveried Jordan 191.

Paying Homage to Seven-Time Championship Winner

The car show demonstrated was shot to be featured on TV. Sky Sports F1, the U.K.-based broadcaster, filmed the demonstration which will be aired during the next coming Belgian Grand Prix. It is a way to tribute Michael Schumacher’s 30 years of Formula1. The Belgian race will mark 30 years since he made his debut at Belgian Grand Prix in 1991.

The Roller Coaster Journey of Michael Schumacher

Micheal was pulled in for his debut at Formula 1 in 1991 at Spa Francorchamps with Jordan. Micheal had qualified seven in the season but sadly has to retire because of a clutch failure.

However, it was Schumacher’s only ride with Jordan, as he later hopped onto Benetton for the upcoming race. He raced in Benton through 1995 – and also won two out of his seven world titles.

Michael raced through 306 races. He was at his peak, enjoying the wins during his 11-year reign with Ferrari. His last race was in 2012, where he bid adieu to his career. He was with Mercedes during that time.

Michael suffered some critical injuries because of a ski accident in 2013 and has not made a public appearance since.

Taking a Look at the Previous Demonstration of the Car

It won’t be the first time Mick rode his father’s machine. He has previously demonstrated the car on a few occasions at Grand Prix. He drove his father’s 1994 Benetton B194 in 2019 at Spa Francorchamps. He demonstrated 2004 Ferrari F2004 in 2019 at Hockenheim and at Mugello to mark Ferrari’s 1000 Grand Prix celebrations.