These Are the Most Underrated Cars on Sale in 2020

The world is full of amazing cars, but there’s no doubt about the fact that the car world is like being back at school. There are the popular kids who get all of the attention and all of the credit, and then there are the underdogs who — however brilliant — just don’t get their chance in the spotlight. However, we’re here to put these playground antics to bed, as these underrated cars of 2020 are now being pushed into the limelight they so deserve.

These Are the Most Underrated Cars on Sale in 2020

BMW i3

Okay, so the BMW i3 doesn’t tick everyone’s boxes. We get that. Some people just can’t get over the strange exterior, but when you look past the physical appearance of this car, you realize that it’s actually pretty awesome. This is an all-electric model that features a very minimalist design, which many believe to be the future of the car world. Could the BMW i3 be the car of the future? You never know.

Volkswagen Passat

Many people pass off the Volkswagen Passat as a boring ol’ family car, but it’s actually the family car that everyone needs in their life. Although it may not be the sports car that bachelors want, it’s the perfect car for those who need a lot of trunk space, the latest safety-friendly tech, and a no-nonsense look about it. It’s definitely underrated.

These Are the Most Underrated Cars on Sale in 2020

Kia Stinger

Although the Kia Stinger has become very popular among journalists who work within the car world, it seems as though it hasn’t had its chance to shine among the general public. The Kia Stinger is one of the coolest cars out there, and it’s also relatively cheap when you look at what it has to offer. This car not only looks good on the outside, but it is made from seriously strong bones — proving the stigma around Kia to be wrong.

What do you think? Do you agree that these are the most underrated cars this year?