Ford to Wrap Up Ford Fiesta After a Long 46 Years

After 46 years of reigning the streets, Ford Fiesta is going to be axed by the car manufacturer company. Ford is about to officially scrap one of its most popular cars on the road, and there’ll be no electric version to resurrect the model.

The Reason

Over the last 46 years, Ford has sold a massive 4.8 million Fiestas, and for 12 consecutive years, the car was the topmost bestseller, from 2009 to 2020. Still, the famed automaker company has decided to take the surprising move of discontinuing the Ford Fiesta eyeing to reset the company’s portfolio DNA. It’s also reported that the company is now focusing on accelerating its electric future by launching four new battery-powered cars and five vans within the next two years. So, Ford is now taking the necessary measures to change its game plan accordingly.

Insider Statement

In a statement made by a Ford insider, it’s said that axing down Fiesta is nothing but a strategic decision to make way for a new and futuristic Ford. Though Ford Fiesta has been a faithful friend of millions, making it a beloved icon, the general tastes of customers are changing with time, and the company desires to comply with them. In 2020, 39% of Ford’s passenger vehicle sales were high-riding crossovers and SUVs, an increase of 8% from 2019. To meet this current demand, Ford is now getting ready to escalate its efforts to go under full electrification, and therefore it’s needed to review the vehicle portfolio in line with the company’s business strategy. Sources say there’ll be more information in the upcoming months.

This Couple Converted a Vintage School Bus Into Their Home

Kathy Mariscal and Christine Saldana have done a smart thing by purchasing a vintage school bus and turning it into their very first home. They have named the bus Adelita. The interiors are spacious, modern, and comfortable. Instead of spending a huge sum on rent every month, which was to the tune of $4,500, they decided to purchase Adelita for $7,500 and got to work on it. They got the electrical, plumbing, framing walls, etc. everything done.

Phase One

The entire project took about six weeks and it cost them $50,000. The newlyweds relocated from Los Angeles and now dock at Houston, Texas. Here they pay a monthly payment of $800. They now lot-dock the bus and found an amazing RV resort. So, they do not feel any different from living in an apartment building. They are happy to have their own house on wheels that is tiny and cozy.

Advising Others

Do Kathy and Christine recommend this way of living? Yes, absolutely but Kathy iterates that pre-planning is very important. A lot of research was involved in making this plan happen. You need to know what your needs are and based on that you have to make decisions. Since both women had full-time jobs and could not travel all the time, they built their floor plans based on those needs. Another thing that they relied on was positive thinking and manifestation. Each time they came across an obstacle, they dealt with it head-on.

Enjoying the Ride

The two went on a road trip for seven days before they settled in Texas. They went to New Mexico and Arizona. Since they had such a blast doing that, they plan on taking some time off in the future and visiting a few national parks. As for the bus, they plan on living in it until they buy their own house. Even after that, they will never give Adelita away as the couple considers it to be their first and their last home.