The Car that Racers Will Drive at the SRX Was Recently Unveiled

The SRX or Superstar Racing Experience series is going to put big stars in the same car in order to level the playing field and focus on the driver’s performance. Still, the car that everyone will be driving is also important, and it was recently unveiled.

The New Car for the SRX SeriesThe New Car for the SRX Series Looks Like an Upgraded Stock Vehicle

While it does not look like anything too fancy, the SRX car shows how powerful it is just with the sound of its exhaust. It has a high rear spoiler and promises to have a good combination of low downforce and high horsepower. It’s very much a stock car but manages to look like a fun ride. Its design is also much simpler than that of many modern race cars, and retired NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. even remarked that one could drive it across the lawn, probably because it lacks a splitter.

SRX Is Led By Retired NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart and Crew Chief Ray Evernham

Tony Stewart, founder of the SRXThe two big NASCAR names Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham have teamed up to create a series that should win every racing fan’s heart – the Superstar Racing Experience, or SRX. The series will have six races on an all oval short track — resembling that of the classic International Race of Champions. It will pull in some of the biggest racing stars and have them race in the same car. SRX cars will be designed by founder Ray Evernham, and Fury Race Cars will handle the cars’ chassis design and construction. For now, the cars will use Ilmor V8 396 engines that are currently featured in the ARCA Menards Series, as well as components from Edelbrock.

The lineup of racing stars so far includes well-established racers like Willy T. Ribbs, Tony Kanaan, and Helio Castroneves, as well as Tony Stewart himself and some upcoming talents like Trans Am’s Ernie Francis, Jr. The full driver line-up and the schedule for the races will be available at SRX’s own website.

The Ford Ranger Has Already Seen a 123% Sales Increase in 2020

With more and more people staying at home and more and more people losing their jobs, it’s safe to say that buying a new car isn’t on most people’s priority lists. Because of this, car sales are set to go down over the coming weeks – but that doesn’t mean that the first quarter of 2020 hasn’t been a showstopper for some car manufacturers. In fact, the Ford Ranger saw an impressive 123% sales increase at the start of the year, and that’s something to be proud of.

How Has the Ford Ranger Seen a 123% Sales Increase in 2020 Already?

A Shiny New Car

When any new car makes its way out into the real world, there’s always a wave of hype surrounding it for a certain amount of time. This could be anything from one week to one year, and those who watched as the Ford Ranger made its way out into the open in 2019 realized that it would be closer to the former. Although people seemed to love this new addition to the pickup truck realm, there were only 9,214 Rangers sold in the first quarter of 2019, and many assumed that it wouldn’t pick up in terms of its popularity.

How Has the Ford Ranger Seen a 123% Sales Increase in 2020 Already?

Skyrocketing Figures

However, it seems as though the complete opposite has happened. While there were many other pickup trucks that overtook the Ford Ranger in terms of sales last year, it’s now at the top of its game, seeing a 123% increase in sales in the first quarter of 2020. It’s now the second-most-popular pickup on the market, just behind the Chevy Colorado. What’s so amazing about this figure is that nobody can quite understand why this has happened and why it has suddenly become so popular. Nevertheless, sales are expected to go down as coronavirus impacts more people’s lives over the coming months.

Can you believe that sales have jumped by such a huge amount?