Get Drifting With These Cars Under $10,000

Like with most motorsports, getting into drifting is always going to cost money. You will be blowing through tires like never before, but the biggest spend will be on the car. Thankfully, you can get drifting with these cars for under $10,000 to start your new favorite hobby without breaking the bank.

Nissan 240SX

This car might be a little old compared to others in the drift world, but it is a classic for a reason. Japan has created some of the most iconic drift cars in the world, and the Nissan 240SX is surely one of them.

You will need to make some modifications to any 240SX you pick up, but thanks to the car’s weight distribution, you should be drifting in no time. The car’s handling is stable while picking one up is also affordable.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda Mx-5 Miata is a pretty dinky little car, but it can be converted into an amazing drift machine. If you want a project car, then this could be the one for you because it already has a solid drifting backbone. You can find Mx-5s pretty commonly, which means they will be low in price, plus there are parts aplenty.

Toyota Corolla AE86

It might be an oldie, but the Toyota Corolla AE86 is arguably one of the most iconic cars in the drifting scene. The AE86 has a ton of drifting pedigree, and you can still pick them up for under $10,000 even though they are practically considered to be vintage. Although it lacks a little in power, the Corolla will provide a balanced driving experience once you add some turbo kits.

These cars will make the perfect starters for someone looking to branch out into the sport. The right car can be the deciding factor in how well you drift, so check these out to start drifting for under $10,000.