Ferrari and Intel Enter Into Three-Year Partnership

If you thought that cars were the only part of racing, think again. Intel announced a new partnership with Ferrari to bring Intel’s tech brilliance to the Ferrari Challenge North America. No, Intel’s chips will not be at the heart of the deal. Instead, it will focus on integrating artificial intelligence and the Xeon Scalable platform to improve broadcasts.

Confused as to how it might help your viewing experience? Intel offered one great example which could give more facts to the audience as they watch the race. Using Intel’s AI system, entry and exit points on each turn can be analyzed and sent to the broadcast team to reveal to the audience.

It might not sound like much, but it could help analyze a ton of data quickly in an effort to locate interesting facts about a race that you did not think you needed to know.

The technology could be quite advantageous for race teams too. At the moment, they wait to see race data at the end of the race and make adjustments for upcoming races. With up-to-the-minute data, the race team can adjust their game plan in the middle of the race and relay it to the driver.

Microchips will not be piloting Ferrari Challenge cars, but we are likely to see an advanced integration of Intel’s products with the Ferrari race series.

The Ferrari Challenge North America is a racing series in which every driver drives the same make of Ferrari. Entrance fees are high at $300,000, so most cars are sponsored by a dealership, not run by a private citizen. However, if you have the cash, you are welcomed to enter the challenge.

The North American challenge began in 1994 and is organized by Ferrari North America. Drivers currently drive the Ferrari 488 Challenge, switching in 2017 from the 458.