Kevin Harvick Sends a Bold Message to NASCAR and Fans Are Excited

Kevin Harvick has been a professional NASCAR driver for over 25 years. Now that he is 45 years old, he is the oldest driver in the Cup Series with the departure of Jimmie Jonhson. The 2014 Cup Series champion was questioned about it during the pre-race show of the Daytona. He sent a strong message to the NASCAR competition when answering the question.

Kevin HarvickDuring the 2001 season, Kevin Harvick planned to run a limited Cup Series schedule. This all changed when Dale Earnhardt tragically passed away in the Daytona 500. Harvick took over a week after the unfortunate accident and drove the renumbered No. 29 Chevrolet.

Three weeks after Earnhardt’s passing, Harvick won the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 500, barely edging out Earnhardt’s rival Jeff Gordon for his first Cup Series victory. He then won a second time this season in Chicago.

In 2014, Kevin Harvick reached the peak of his career, winning his first Cup series title and five races. Since his championship, he has one second place, a fifth place, and three third-place finishes in 2020.

Retirement Has Been a Topic of Discussion

Kevin Harvick's 2017 Busch Light Ford Despite showing great consistency by finishing near the top of NASCAR in the season-ending standings in the last six years with nearly 30 wins, he’s been pushed by questions about his retirement for years. In 2019, he was questioned about when he would put the helmet for the last time. Speculations were that he might be headed to the broadcast booth to replace the retiring Darrell Waltrip.

Kevin Harvick’s Message to His Fans

In March 2019, Harvick announced that he would not be getting out of the race car. He said that he felt comfortable with where he was, in the race car, where his home life is. He also claims that he feels fairly confident that being a part of the TV side of things is something he wants to do in the future, but it’s not going to happen in the next couple of years.

Sebastian Vettel Admits: There Were Fights I Shouldn’t Have Picked

In an interview, Sebastian Vettel shared a lot of things, and one of them was the one thing he would change in hindsight. Speaking in a podcast, he was asked to reflect on his time at Ferrari that would come to an end. In 2021, he will join the team of Aston Martin. He was refreshingly outspoken as he looked back in time at what he could have avoided over the six years with Ferrari, namely “fights” that he considered unnecessary but about which he had no regrets.

Sebastian VettelAbout Sebastian Vettel’s Interview

In the podcast, he shares that he feels he failed because he set himself on the mission to win the championship with Ferrari. and he didn’t manage to do this. He believes that there are things that he should have done better, fights that maybe he should not have picked, and things that maybe he should have seen earlier. Then again, he thinks everything that happened brought him where he is now.

He also shares that he is not generally talking about stuff that happens on the track right now, like losing the car in Hockenheim in sort of half-dry, half-wet conditions. Many people think this is a low point in his career, but they don’t think about things like this.

Sebastian Vettel – One of Scuderia’s All-Time Greatest

Sebastian VettelHe thinks that looking back, the fights weren’t worth picking. Again, part of them he considers to be in his nature, and it was natural to do so. Overall, Sebastian Vettel’s assessment of his time at Ferrari was brutal and pragmatic. It’s a strong relationship that yielded no championships but 14 wins, making him the third-most successful driver in the Scuderia team and their fourth-most experienced driver with 111 starts

The four-time champion has seven races left with Ferrari before he moves to Aston Martin.