Kurt Busch Is Set to Start Fresh at 23XI Racing With New-Gen Car

After a long successful NASCAR Cup Series, the 33-time winner Kurt Busch is about to start fresh again next February. After shifting to Chip Ganassi Racing from Stewart-Haas Racing in 2019, the sports-star has moved to 23XI Racing this time.

Entering the New Era of His Career

The 23XI Racing team has posted a few Twitter photos of Busch checking out one of the next-Gen cars at its Mooresville headquarters in North Carolina. The real work of collaboration won’t begin until the final standards of the next-Gen car get determined by NASCAR through more on-track tests. But it’s quite clear that Busch couldn’t resist poking around to check the base of his upcoming career. Busch is already known in the NASCAR world for his frequent team change. But after his quick score the last season at the legendary team of Chip Ganassi Racing, it was difficult to predict any more career-changing moves from him. But it was the recent decision of CGR to sell the team to Trackhouse Racing, which has driven Kurt Busch to sign on with 23XI Racing for the upcoming 2022 season.

The Expectations From Him at CGR

Busch’s joining in the CGR has already come with a mild new twist, as this is the first time he will be behind the wheels of Toyotas, leaving behind his comfort zone of Fords, Dodges, and Chevys. Fortunately, the Toyotas already have a pretty impressive track record with CGR’s Bubba Wallace scoring his first career victory last season. The manufacturer also has a sound history with the Joe Gibbs Racing group. At CGR, Busch’s No. 45 Toyota has maybe a better chance than others, with someone able to make the first technical breakthrough in the NASCAR Cup Series by mastering in added speed or handling. Busch’s remarkably consistent winning performances over the last eight seasons are quite promising in this sector.

GM Financial Is Offering Zero-Interest Loan Programs for Those in Need

GM Financial Is Offering Zero-Interest Loan Programs for Those in Need

The classic American automaker is now offering loans at no interest to new buyers, plus assistance to current owners. Due to the current social distancing situation, the daily life for many users is disrupted, and GM is looking to cushion the blow, both for prospective buyers and current owners. The program covers all GM brands, but there are other automakers, including Ford, that have announced similar consumer programs in the past few days as well.

GM Rolled Out Zero-Interest Loan Program

General Motors said it would also work with current owners feeling the negative financial effects, and one of the options would be delaying payments.

GM Financial Is Offering Zero-Interest Loan Programs for Those in Need

For prospective buyers, the first payment on new loans can be deferred for up to 120 days. General Motors will also work with dealers to get them to utilize the automaker’s online car purchasing tool, which will allow customers to buy and take delivery of a vehicle at home. For current owners, GM is making several subscription-based services available, including in-car Wi-Fi — up to three gigabytes — as well as OnStar Crisis Assist, a service that connects drivers to first responders.

Ford’s Announcement

Existing Ford Credit customers in the U.S. who are leasing or purchasing new vehicles are encouraged to contact Ford Credit to discuss options if they are having payment difficulty. Ford Credit is also offering a program giving customers who buy new vehicles the option to delay their first payment for 90 days.

GM Financial Is Offering Zero-Interest Loan Programs for Those in Need

As an initial step, Ford Fund is directing more than $500,000 to help nonprofit groups in southeast Michigan and will support the delivery of food to senior citizens and thousands of children who do not have access to school meals while schools are not in session.

Other manufacturers such as Hyundai, Nissan, and Toyota are also making loan and lease payments adjustable, and some are offering deferred payments for new-vehicle purchases.