Marc Márquez: ‘If I See a Wall I Go Through It’

Pushing Boundaries

Being Marc Márquez was published at a time when questions surrounded Márquez’s career, not due to physical doubts but due to contractual uncertainties. The 2023 autobiography reflects on the highs and lows of the champion’s career. It captures his determination, dedication to winning, and the challenges he faces in the ever-evolving MotoGP landscape. As Márquez navigates through uncertainties, fans eagerly await his return to the heights of his glory days.

“If I See a Wall I Go Through It”

“If I See a Wall I Go Through It”

Marc Márquez, the six-time MotoGP king, has always been known for turning difficult motorcycles into winners. However, the reality is different now, as MotoGP has evolved, and even Márquez can’t win like before. The new autobiography, Being Marc Márquez, delves into his motivation, determination, and riding technique, giving us insights into his career and future in MotoGP. It explores various aspects of his life through chapters titled Technology, Loyalty, Concentration, Ego, and Friendship. Márquez’s relentless approach to racing is evident in his quote, “If I see a wall I go through it.” He has always pushed his limits, and despite facing multiple injuries, he remains fearless. The book, however, also reveals the awareness that his next massive crash could have severe consequences for his career and life.

Riding at the Limit

Riding at the Limit

Throughout his illustrious career, Marc Márquez has been known for his adrenaline-fueled riding style that sets him apart from other racers in MotoGP. He thrives on the maximum amount of adrenaline in the shortest time possible, seeking the exhilaration that comes with pushing himself to the limits. Márquez has always been a rider who continuously pushes boundaries, and he has described the sensation of riding at the limit as a truly remarkable and almost spiritual experience. The sensation of riding at the limit, where he transcends his normal capabilities, is described as a wonderful feeling. But as his career progressed, achieving that flow state became increasingly challenging.

The Evolution of MotoGP

The book highlights how MotoGP has transformed due to advances in technology and aerodynamics. Márquez’s loose riding style, where he didn’t mind the bike sliding, became less effective with the introduction of downforce aerodynamics. He struggled to maintain his signature lean angles due to the aerodynamic limitations, impacting his performance on the track. Márquez’s partnership with Honda also faced technical difficulties as MotoGP switched from Bridgestone to Michelin tires and tailor-made rider-control software to a spec system. The transition affected Márquez’s mastery of the front tire, which had been crucial to his success.

Insurance Companies Have Decided to Write Off Tesla EVs

People have always had the right to get their self-owned vehicles repaired, under the Right to Repair law. Although the law states that no insurance company can deny their services to a vehicle owner, are people really willing to spend a load of money on getting a fault fixed? Well, other people might but for Tesla owners, things might not be the same anymore. With the rise in the repair cost of Tesla electric vehicles, the repair charges have hit the roof, which is why people have started claiming heavy insurance covers too. But are insurance companies ready to pay all that money? Well, let’s find out.

The Repair Costs

According to a news report from Reuters, the cost of fixing the majority of 120 Model Y vehicles is almost the same as buying a new one. In the report, they explained the situation with an instance that might blow your mind. The repair charges of a Model Y Long Range EV, when faced with a front collision, were more than $50,000. Wondering how much a new one costs? $61,000! That’s right. This is why insurance companies have decided to write off such electric vehicles.

What Are Insurance Companies Offering?

In order to make sure that the companies fix the problem for the owner, Tesla’s insurance side business is working together with the automaker so that they can reduce repair costs in the future. In fact, during an earnings call, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, told Reuters that before now, they were not really aware of the situation as most of the costs were covered by other insurance companies. However, when brought to notice, they were as shocked as the EV owner himself after looking at the figures. Now, the company is working with its team to change its vehicle designs and even offer spare parts in order to make the repair costs a little less.