Michael Mann’s Ferrari Film: Release Date, Trailer and Reviews

Michael Mann’s Ferrari Film: Release Date, Trailer and Reviews

The ongoing fascination of Hollywood with the glamorous Ferrari moments continues. Adding to the repertoire — which already includes Rush and Ford v Ferrari — is the upcoming film from Michael Mann. An enthralling cinematic journey, this production will delve into the incredible life of the creator of the prancing horse logo, Enzo Ferrari. Eager fans are ready for an adrenaline-fueled depiction of Ferrari’s past as well as the gripping tale of the horrific 1957 Mille Miglia.

A Sneak Peek Into Ferrari’s Tumultuous World

The movie, titled Ferrari, takes place over the summer of 1957 and is centered around a critical moment in Ferrari’s life. In the movie, the larger-than-life Italian race car designer struggles with demons after losing his son Dino and dealing with a failing marriage to his wife, Laura.

A Sneak Peek Into Ferrari’s Tumultuous World

At the same time, the Ferraris are also trying to save their company from going bankrupt. The car company needed to win the 1957 Mille Miglia race, but the race ended in a way nobody could have ever predicted — a tragedy. The highly anticipated film is scheduled for release on November 30th, 2023. Enthusiasts and cinema-goers can look forward to experiencing Ferrari’s legacy exclusively on the big screen.

Star-Studded Cast: a Lineup of Talent

After Christian Bale dropped out due to health concerns, Adam Driver stepped into the role of Enzo Ferrari, while Penélope Cruz portrays his wife Laura Ferrari.

Star-Studded Cast: A Lineup of Talent

The driving trio includes Patrick Dempsey as Piero Taruffi, Jack O’Connell as Peter Collins, and Gabriel Leone as Alfonso de Portago. Racing enthusiasts will also recognize Ben Collins as Stirling Moss and Marino Franchitti as Eugenio Castellotti in the movie.

Early Reviews

Though the film’s release is months away, early reviews offer a glimpse into its reception. The movie shows a promising future, as it got a seven-minute standing ovation at the premiere in Venice. The Daily Telegraph, awarding the film four out of five stars, lauded the realism of the racing scenes and Adam Driver’s seamless portrayal of Enzo Ferrari.

Rolling Stone marveled at the “spectacular” racing and the shockingly visceral crash scenes — but reserved the most lavish praise for Penelope Cruz’s performance as Laura Ferrari. The Guardian and The Times offered more measured reviews. The first gives the film three out of five stars, lamenting its inability to capture the profound horror of the events — while the latter went with just two stars, criticizing the slow plot and Driver’s inability to bring complexity to the character.